Hygiene in school – what do parents need to be aware of?

Today – Hygiene in school – what do parents need to be aware of?

Sending your child back to school can be stressful at the best of times, however, that stress is sent into overdrive by the global pandemic we’re currently experiencing. Making sure your child is in a safe environment is one of your most important priorities right now, and luckily, schools are taking the current situation just as seriously. 

To put your mind at ease during these testing times, schools are going above and beyond to make sure hygiene is at an all time high, going as far as hiring external school cleaning specialists like SMC Premier to ensure that a regular deep-cleaning schedule is maintained. 

That being said, there are still a whole host of factors that you should be aware of when returning your child back to school – below, is what you can expect. 

Hygiene in school



Reducing the Spread of germs whilst at school

As a parent, you’ll be pleased to learn that schools are promoting the cleaning and disinfecting of all areas – at all times. Children will have to clean their hands several times a day with government issued hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of germs. This will not only make sure Corona can’t be passed from student to student via touching, but will also ensure other infectious diseases can’t be spread via touch either. 


Why is cleaning and disinfection so important?

For individuals wondering why cleaning and disinfecting surfaces is so important, the main reason is that CoronaVirus can be spread by touching surfaces. The virus can survive on surfaces for hours and can be easily picked up by children if not cleaned properly. That being said, the CDC is offering proper cleaning, disinfecting, and hand hygiene considerations to ensure school administrators can properly protect their children. 


Who does the cleaning and how often?

As mentioned above, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces can reduce the risk of spreading infection by removing and killing the germs that live on them. For that reason, all schools will adhere to strict schedules that see teachers and cleaning staff sanitize all surfaces. 

Staff will be trained on how to clean properly and will ensure all surfaces are free of infectious diseases. 

They will limit the use of shared objects – ie gym or physical education equipment, art supplies, toys, and games. Furthermore, teachers will discourage the sharing of items that are difficult to clean, and will keep each student’s belongings separate from others. 





Will students understand the importance of hygiene whilst at school?

Teachers will do their absolute best to ensure that each and every student understands the new general hygiene rules. Posters will be situated throughout most schools, showcasing the importance of not touching and sharing other childrens items. Each school will also have their own plan in place to ensure each child is sticking to good hygiene practices. 


first day at school



Final Thoughts on Hygiene in school

It’ll be no surprise to anyone to learn that schools are going above and beyond to ensure children are protected during these testing times. The last thing any school wants is for their students to be spreading a disease that could potentially cost lives further down the line. Despite our list being fairly short, it’s safe to say that schools are doing much more behind the scenes to ensure their classrooms and playgrounds are as safe as they can possibly be. 


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