The Money Guide to Transform Your Life

I am so excited to tell you about The Money Guide to Transform Your Life

Lynn Beattie  is a personal finance expert and founder of Mrs Mummypenny.  Her background is a CIMA management accountant of 17 years with a breadth of experience working in commercial finance for Tesco, EE & HSBC. She is a single mum to three boys, living in Hertfordshire.

Lynn left the corporate world in 2015 to run Mrs Mummypenny full-time.

Lynn is the author of the brand new  ‘The Money Guide to Transform Your Life


The Money Guide to Transform Your Life


The Money Guide to Transform Your Life

Here Lynn tells us what the book aims to do and what it is all about

Since starting my money blogging business Mrs MummyPenny nearly ten years ago I’ve become increasingly aware of a certain kind of poverty in the UK: it is a poverty of access to financial education and knowledge. It is a poverty that most impacts women and minority groups, and it is one that I have made it my mission to help end.

My goal is for every woman to have financial understanding and freedom. What could be more transformative?

My book is split into two parts.

Part 1 with the story of my life, revealing how several massive events have shaped my relationship with money in different ways, some good, many bad. I do this to show the extent to which our relationship with money is emotional, it is part of who we are and not something rational and objective. Understanding that through the lens of my story will hopefully help you to see your own relationship with money in a new and potentially revolutionary light. Part 1 goes on to cover short-term personal finance, everyday management that many women must do and figure out for themselves. I talk budgeting, money saving on household bills, food, family time, healthy body and mind. I also talk debt repayment and making money.

Part 2 is about medium- to long-term finance. In this section I walk you through the tools that can help guide you towards financial freedom. There are chapters on wills, insurance, savings, investing, pensions and setting up your own business. I have made LOTS of mistakes through life with these finance areas, and I don’t hold back in revealing some of the messy places I’ve landed. We are all human. If there’s a better place to learn from than mistakes, I don’t know about it. Though if by sharing mine, I can save you from making the same ones that would be a real success in my mind!


The Money Guide to Transform Your Life


What did I like about The Money Guide to Transform Your Life?

Each chapter is packed full of real-life experience – is anything ever as valuable?

It also is jam-full of guidance and tools to help you manage your day-to-day, month-to-month, year to year money better. There are useful exercises for you to complete at your own pace and really put the info into practice. This is a very accessible read

Why don’t you do your finances a favour and get yourself a copy?


Here’s where you can find out more about Lynn:


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