Interior designers

I do enjoy interior design magazine and often get hugely inspired by the gorgeous rooms I see.  I would quite happily spend hours browisng the se mags lost in a fantasy world of what my home could look like.I love nice things, beautiful environments and modern fresh living areas. I really know what I like too. I like white interiors with lots of splashes of primary colours and occasionally quirky things.

I do not fare well at creating this look though.

My house always seems a little too cluttered or too busy. I never quite pictures in quite the right places and I certainly have not sorted out good storage solutions that work for our family.

Our problem areas

I write form home in a corner of our kitchen and my little are looks rather odd in the kitchen. The playroom doesn’t quite get it right either or feel ‘comfy ‘ enough. Our bathroom feels a little sterile despite me liking the minimalist look in there and my daughters room is tiny and needs to feel more spacious.

I have no clue what to do about any of these problem areas. I think we need some help.

I don’t think it is money or more ‘stuff’ that we need more of (though I wouldn’t say no!)  it is more about having someone with skill in this area to guide and to advise us.

When I look at interiors designed by The House Clinic I just know an interior designer would make such a huge difference to our home. It makes sense to me really. When ever I have used a personal stylist instore I always have a better outfit put together that I enjoy wearing again and again and it would be the same I thin with out home which is of course a huge everyday part of our lives.

I do think at some point I would like to try just one room with an interior designer and see what at difference it could make.  I think it would be such a treat.

How lovely to live in a home you were entirely happy with.








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