Lego City Police Station 60141 Review



Lego police station review

Oh the absoltute delight on my son’s face to be given this Lego police station to build for me to review. He seriously thinks I have the very best job in the whole wide world.So do I when it makes my kids this happy.

This lego police station has only been available since January 1st 2017 and it really is an awesome set.

lego police station review, Lego City Police Station 60141 ReviewThe set includes all the following:

  • 7 mini figures which include: four police officers and three crooks, plus a police dog figure.

My kids just love mini figures and enacting stories with them so having 7 went down a treat.

  • A helicopter with spinning rotors and an opening cockpit  and a roof top helipad.

My  son loves a bit of movement and interactivity in his Lego sets brilliant for creating scenarios.

  •  It has a three-section Police Station, police helicopter, police pursuit car, police motorbike and crooks’ truck. The police Station has multiple levels. It also (rather amusingly) has  two jail cells with toilets. It has a satellite dish and antenna, searchlights, ramp, garage with tools and opening door, watchtower, overhead walkway, three offices and a barrier gate.

F just adored all this detail and had great fun building it!

  • The crooks’ truck has a rotating, extendable cherry picker.So much fun to lift the little mini figures up and create a great police station escape.

This set is very detailed and was  ‘just brilliant fun’ to build according to my son.


This will bring hours of fun long after it is built due to it’s fabulous storytelling potential.

The Lego City police station costs £84.99 and is available from all good toy stores

There are so many fabulous sets within the range:

Bullodzer break in

ATV arrest

 Tow truck trouble

Money transporter

High speed chase

 Mobile command centre

Such a fabulous range, in fact a whole world of crime fighting!


I do hope you have enhoued our lego police station review


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