How to have a fabulous bathroom on a budget

 I am going to share with you 25 ways in which you really can have a fabulous bathroom on a budget.

Lovely homes really do not need to cost a lot of money. What they do require is thought and some good decisions.

Throwing money at a room does not by itself make it stylish, is all about the little things I believe that can add up to make a big difference.


Here are some brilliant was to have a fabulous bathroom on a budget:

  • Keep it freshly painted – keep a little paint back after you have decorated so you can do touch ups when required.
  • Shop around for towels. Towels don’t need to be expensive – a coordinated look is important to give unity but they really doesn’t have to cost a fortune.
  • Tea lights around the bath can be lovely, particularly scented ones so keep a little stock in your bathroom cupboard.
  • A scented air freshener is a must but unless it look great do keep it hidden.
  • Wash bathmats regularly so they look fresh clean and inviting,
  • Toilet cleaner is vital but beware toilet brushes as they can harbour germs and be so unsightly,
  • A sign for your toilet can be a great aid to guests but do avoid anything tacky or jokey.

fabulous bathroom on a budget

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  • Personally I would never put reading material in a bathroom, I think it just adds to clutter and you don’t really want to be encouraging people to linger.
  • Add sweet touches like a little bunch of tulips or some Lush scented bath bombs to add an extra zing of freshness.
  • If you have kids make sure you use a paint you can wipe!
  • Keep to a cleaning schedule so it’s always at its best and you stay on top of it.
  • Ensure you have hidden storage for spare loo rolls and cleaning fluids as no one wants to see these (and it doesn’t have to be in he bathroom)
  • Train your kids to wipe up toothpaste spills and put away things they have used so you are not having to constantly keep on it.
  • Minimise toiletries on display – it just makes a bathroom look smaller and more messy if lots of toiletries are on display.
  • Keep glass wipes to hand in the bathroom so you can keep those mirrors smear free.
  • Avoid using toilet mats as these just soak up bad odours.
  • Regularly open your bathroom windows.
  • Consider a gorgeous bathroom wall sticker
  • Have a lovely hand wash on display
  • Keep towels fresh and to a minimum and the same with robes. They can look really untidy.
  • Have a look over at the design room at Twyford Bathrooms for ideas and inspiration, their gallery is gorgeous and I am sure you will be inspired.

Lovely bathrooms can be achieved on a budget they just requite good organisation, storage and thought. Injecting a little of you own style is important too, I have a few simple, botanical prints in mine as we have flowers and plants through out the house.

Do you have any beautiful bathroom on a budget tips you could add to this list?


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