3 Great Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

 Lets take a look at 3 Great Ways to Earn Money from Your Blog

Blogging is a wonderful way to make some extra cash, but many people that create a blog may not know the best ways to earn that cash. This article will give you the three best ways you can earn money from your blog no matter if you have a new or older blog.


Earn Money from Your Blog

Affiliate Products

If you have quite a bit of traffic or are actively emailing your subscribers, affiliate products can earn you money and in some cases more money than you might realize. The best affiliate products, of course, will be ones that you know your readers are interested in purchasing. Finding products that are in a niche that offer an affiliate program is not that difficult. There are all kinds of companies offering this type of program as it not only helps you earn money from their products but it helps them make sales without any effort.

When you find affiliate products that you know your audience would be interested in, you should read more about the program and just how much you will earn on the products that are sold through your affiliate link. You can find products that allow you to earn eighty percent commission.

Contextual Advertising

The largest contextual advertiser is Google Adsense. The way you use these types of ads is that you choose an area on your blog to place the text ads. Using the tools provided by the provider of the ads, you will choose keywords to find products you know your audience would be interested in buying.

The way it works is that you will be paid when someone clicks on the link on your blog and visits the other website offering the ad. You must learn which services and which products will give you the most income, so you can earn the extra money you desire. Many do pay a small amount for each click whether the person buys the product or service.

Use Your Own Products

No matter if your blog is informative or you talk about your craft, you can sell your own products. According to the content on your blog, you may have a website on cats. You could write a report on taking care of a kitten and sell it on your website. On the other hand, if you make clothing for your dog or grandkids, you could actually place these on your blog for sale.

When you sell your own products, you do not have to share the revenue with an affiliate or only be paid for clicks. You will actually be able to keep all the money.

Selling your own products, whether written content or an actual product will not be as difficult as you might think. If you already have readers, they are interested in your content and may like to have a guide from you so they can have it when they are offline to put your thoughts into action. The same goes for any product you make. Those that are seeing your items are coming back to see what else you create. You may even be getting comments on the items. What better way than to put up photos along with a PayPal button to sell your homemade items to make money

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