Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety

Today – mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety

Living with anxiety is unimaginable and a crippling feeling. It refrains you from doing the things you love and enjoy while throwing you into the pools of uncertain thoughts.

You would have tried relaxing and calming yourself but anxiety is such a beast that refuses to leave your land quite so easy. But here’s the good news, it’s already proven that mindfulness can help in reducing anxiety and overall stress levels.


Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety


What exactly is ‘Mindfulness’ and how can it help your anxiety?

The simple and straightforward definition of mindfulness is being present in the moment. It also means being aware of your current actions without dwelling in the past or future.

Our mind processes many thoughts and emotions on a daily basis and it has become nothing but a huge clutter. To bring peace and clear the stuff inside your head, mindfulness is a much essential tool.

Initially, you may not believe that being in the present can actually help you relieve your anxiety, but it surely does. Mindfulness may not work as a pill, superfast, and instant but you will notice the changes gradually once you start practising some mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety on a regular basis.


Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety in kids

My book Create Your Own Calm is packed to the brim with mindfulness activities to reduce anxieties in kids – it has over 50!





Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety

  1.   The five sense exercise

Anxiety makes you unstable and we often lose control of our racing thoughts. This is the time when we need to practice some grounding exercises.

The five sense exercise works as follow:

Notice the five things that you see around then be aware of four things that you feel, note down the three things that you can smell that can be the aroma of freshly baked cake or anything else. Now, close your eyes and try to hear the two sounds and one thing that you can taste.

This exercise will help you to be at the moment.


Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety


  1.   Breathing exercise

This is the best mindful practice to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. I always prefer doing breathing exercises for the count of 5-5-5.

In this practice, you need to inhale for the count of 5, then hold your breath for the same span of time and finally exhale it at the count of 5. This exercise will bring peace and calm.


  1.   Mindfulness meditation – Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety

This exercise may seem a little difficult but it definitely is worth trying. Meditation is indeed a great tool to relax your mind but practicing it mindfully will aid to reduce anxiety.

Sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Try to feel and notice your breath. Then expand your awareness and notice what other things you can feel. What do you hear? What do you feel?

Practicing this regularly will relax your mind but do not aim for perfection.


Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety



  1.   Journaling

Writing down the things that bother you is a great way of calming your anxious mind.

Practice this beautiful art of journaling and be authentic while you open yourself on these pages. Do not try judging yourself as you write. Practicing this art for at least 15-20 mins works a miracle.


  1.   Use mindfulness objects

In this exercise, you need to get an object that you can comfortably hold in your hands. Observe it fully and notice the texture, patterns, and smoothness of that particular object.

This will make you more aware of ‘NOW’ and you will be in the present moment. It will also help in building up mindfulness muscle memory.

You may not always be pleased with all of the above-mentioned mindfulness practices but I do recommend finding your own style and stick to it.

I would love to know more about your mindfulness practices in the comments below.


Mindfulness exercises to reduce anxiety is a guest post – I do hope you enjoyed it –


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