How to Move Home on a Budget

Are you wondering ho to move home on a budget?

I recall last time we moved house that we used an expensive removals company. I was pregnant and could not be bothered with the palaver of my husband and his friends attempting to do it themselves.

This particular removals company charged by the hour and unfortunately things went a bit pear shaped. We didn’t get the keys at the agreed time and we ended up at the new home with all our stuff in the vans with the clock just ticking away along with our money.

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In his wisdom my husband decided to stop our money draining away by suggesting the removal company empty out ALL OUR BELONGINGS into the garden and go. Yes this did stop us spending more money but it rained whilst we were still waiting for the key. Nightmare.I was hopping mad with him as I had told him not to send them away but to be fair their fees were really dear and we had very little spare money.


How to Move Home on a Budget

What have you done about removals when you have moved home?

Prior to moving to this house we did do a self move and it took many trips and many hours and was incredibly stressful. It may be the budget option but I honestly don’t think I would ever attempt it again, particularly now we have kids and all the paraphernalia that comes with them.

I like the concept of a flat rate removals company that charges per job so you know exactly what you are spending. I think that’s a smart option. I also like the idea of hiring an independent business rather than a chain so you get a more personal service from someone local.

Happy 2 move are a London company who provide exactly that sort of local flat rate home removal This is so useful to your budgeting and planning. I would really recommend looking into this option if you are planning a move. It avoids being left in our rainy day situation and really helps you plan your move into your budget.

It’s always good to know what you are spending in advance.


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