Personalised Stationery for Back to School

Ah not long now at all till the kids go back to school and it is time to get their stuff all sorted. really doesn’t seem five minutes since they broke up!

I finally ventured into their school bags to see what was needed for the new school year.

My daughters pencil case looked so tatty it looked like mice had been nibbling at it and that she had been drawing on that rather than on paper! Time to start afresh.

I was delighted to receive these from Born Gifted  who sell a lovely range of personalised items perfect for back to school.


She rather desperately needed a new pencil case and it as lovely to be able to get her one with her name on. I knew she’d love the blue with the patchwork flag although their were a range of options. The pencil case plus pencils (also personalised) ruler and rubber costs £13.99 and how lovely it is.

She should (in theory) never lose her pencils again!

She also got a lovely personalised notebook (£6.99) to match in which we shall practice spellings!

Perfect. Annalise loved these, when you have an unusual name it is rare to find stationery  with your name on and such a  treat.

She also got a lovely new PE kit bag with her name on which is rather fabulous. It is made of strong material, personalised and robust. I think this should last the second half of primary school just fine (costs £11.99)


I think these items are just lovely and they have certainly made her a bit more enthusiastic about going back to school.

Born gifted sell a range of personalised products and a huge range of other gifts too with lots of interesting and unusual ideas.


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