The Phoenix Review

Today – The Phoenix Review

How had I never heard of The Phoenix?

My son is such a big reader and loves comics but has been completely in love with The Beano for the last two years. It did him good to try something new!


phoenix 1

The Phoenix is the first UK comic in 40 years to reach 100 issues in the UK . Round of applause!



The Phoenix Review

The Phoenix contains 32 pages of full-colour, adventure story-strips, puzzles and non-fiction and best of all it has NO adverts! I love that kids can read a comic without being encouraged to have have have.

It was voted 2nd best comic in the world by Time Magazine in 2013. Now that is pretty impressive right! My son’s view of the comics (and he read the 4 we were sent to review pretty much back to back) were that they were awesome and funny.  He said he would love a subscription to The PhoenixIt is aimed at girls and boys aged 6 to 12.

What I love about giving a subscription as a gift is that it lasts and lasts and continues to bring enjoyment each week. And I do think anything that encourages children to read is a good thing.

How much and where available? The Phoenix has a range of exclusive Christmas subscriptions. It comes out weekly  and for £9.99, The Phoenix is offering a 4 week subscription plus gift certificate which might be a really nice way to start and see if your child enjoys it. An Annual subscription costs £99.99 including all 52 issues plus a Comic Book and gift certificate to present on Christmas Day.

All subscriptions are available to purchase at  I love that you can buy old issue bundles as well for about £10. Such a nice gift idea


We loved doing this The Phoenix Review


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