Photo story! My moments that mattered in 2013


1.       This is me and these are my kids

2.       Frankie and

3.       Annalise

They are the most important people in my life and the last 9 years of my life I have pretty much dedicated to bringing them up. A few years ago now I began blogging to share how we live well on less

4.       Being a  blogger brings with it lots of creative play days as well as

5.       Bizarre and brilliant blogging days out

6.       Fabulous craft challenges

7.       Even corrective eye surgery!

8.       Blogging has bought brilliant friendships into my life too.

9.        In 2013  after 4 years of being a finalist I was named as best Thrifty Blogger  at The MAD blog awards.

10.    And I got to share the moment with all my bloggy pals.


Thanks to Lloyds bank for making my story into a little movie!


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  1. January 30, 2014 / 20:22

    Sounds like blogging has bought an awful lot into your life which is amazing! x

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