Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

Today – Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

Planning a family holiday can feel like quite the undertaking. Failing to give your family vacation the requisite thought, however, can have unwelcome consequences.


Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

In order to make sure that you are prepared for your next family holiday, we’ve compiled a checklist which should help to ensure that your getaway runs as smoothly as possible.


Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

What are your family’s must haves? 

The difficulty in planning any family holiday is that you have to please a potentially large number of people. And this is not easily done, especially when it comes to keeping your children entertained.

Before you even start contemplating when and where you are going to go, it’s imperative to sit down, as a family, and brainstorm what is most important to you. Make sure that you involve every member of the family in the planning process, asking what each person is looking for most in their holiday.

Compromises will, unquestionably, have to be made in certain areas, but the process will help enormously to narrow down your search for an ideal location.


How long have you got?

 When planning a family holiday, it’s important to be realistic. Flying to an exotic locale, for example, is not feasible if you only have one week. Deciding exactly how much time you have to spend away together is another great means of narrowing your search.


 Filtering out possible locations when Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

 Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for in your ideal family holiday destination, and you know how long you have, it’s time to start filtering out locations.

 It’s easiest to start first by eliminating completely unfeasible locations. If you have small children, a ten hour flight is just not going to work, so you can immediately cut more far flung locations from the list. In addition, countries with food that may be unfamiliar to your children, unless they are very adventurous, may also be off the agenda.

Be honest, be realistic and start culling destinations that seem like they may cause issues. Your goal, after all, is to enjoy your holiday; and enjoyable holidays are usually the ones that are stress free.


 Find a reputable travel agent

 Once you’ve come up with a shortlist of five possible locations that you like the look of, it’s time to find a reputable travel agent.

 While the internet may be awash with cheap deals and promises of great value holidays, if you’re taking your family away it is always best to talk to an excellent travel agent. The agents at a company such as Co-operative Travel, for example, are experts in travel and will be able to advise you about the locations which best suit your specific needs, as well as assuring you that your prospective destination is family friendly, and helping to find you the best deal.


Travel admin and packing as you are Planning a Family Holiday Checklist

After you’ve booked your family holiday, unfortunately, there is a whole host of admin to be taken care of. From ensuring that your family’s passports are valid, to arranging travel insurance, as well as making sure that someone is going to keep an eye on your house while you’re away, organising the admin side of a family holiday can be a stressful task.

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