Homemakeover on a Budget: Girls Bedroom Part 2

Well we left you last week with a ‘problem’ small bedroom in part 1 of our girls bedroom makeover and this week we have been seeking out solutions. I scanned the internet for advice on decorating a small bedroom and here were the top tips I found


  • ‘The colours that you use on your walls in a small bedroom should be neutral tones and only 2 or 3 hues of this colour should be used in the room. It is important that you paint the moldings and doors in the room in the same colours as the walls by using contrasting colours you will be making the room feel smaller than it is. The ceilings should be painted white as they will provide a sense of height to the room.’

So basically we are going to go white all over!


  • Smart lighting choices have a big effect on how a small bedroom feels. Soft light coming from several different directions will blur the edges of your room and, in turn, make it feel large. Floor lamps such as those available from Hinkley Lighting make it easy to rearrange your lighting on a seasonal basis in order to best take advantage of natural light.

So lots of lovely soft light is needed.

Vertbaudet do children’s lighting  so well it will be great fun to explore their options ….



  • Avoid clutter. In a small bedroom, space is very limited so don’t make it any worse with dirty laundry, papers, kid’s toys or anything else that doesn’t belong. Plus, clutter affects your quality of sleep.Organize, organize, organize. A bedroom should be cozy, peaceful and serene. Make sure there is a place for everything. That means getting creative with your storage

 Free home decorating ideas

Okay so good storage is KEY.

Vertbaudet have lots of lovely children’s storage options

small bedroom solutions

Bearing all this in mind we need to get good storage, lots of soft lighting and we need to paint the room WHITE! next week we will show the items we have chosen from Vertbaudet.

The problem bed!

Do you recall we only had room for a cot bed and needed a single bed but one wouldn’t fir because it was a boxroom with a big over stair box in it?

The bed solution came from a decorator friend who used to live on our road. He had a similar problem bedroom when he was a child. His parents bought a high sleeper bed  and cut the legs off over the stair box so it slid on top.  They then put his  desk and bits and bobs underneath! He told us it was the only way his parents had found to get a single bed in the room.

We loved this solution!

We contacted a joiner who came out and measured and told us he could alter a sleeper bed to fit over the stair box for just £50.

What a result!

He also found us a great website that sold great value beds

Oscar Natural 3ft single solid pine loft Bunk Bed

In the end he was so quick at building the flatpack it cost us only£25 and he even secured everything to the floor for extra safety.

So now we have a proper sized single bed. Yay!

We know we want a white room, good lighting and lots of storage to combat it being such a tiny room.

Next week we get to shop!

See you then!




  1. May 9, 2013 / 07:39

    Brilliant! I think white is a great choice, keep the room looking and feeling airy 🙂

  2. May 9, 2013 / 08:41

    We have exactly the same problem and loving the solutions pinning for when we move from toddler bed to big bed

  3. Beckster
    May 9, 2013 / 13:57

    I have two boys sharing a small bedroom and have the bunkbeds and a small bench that has storage totes in bright colors that slide underneath it. Really helps to have storage with dual purpose.

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