Our most played with Christmas present…Furby Boom

What was your child’s most played with Christmas present?

At Christmas we were sent a Furby Boom to review.

We gave it to my daughter . This was an extra gift really not one we have thought of buying ourselves.

Oh my goodness it went down an absolute storm. By far and away it is my most favourite gift she received. I played with it for ages on Christmas eve when I should have been wrapping presents. My hubby loved it too and most importantly and last but not least so did Miss A!


The Furby Boom sings, chatters, sleeps, dances, changes personality, learns English from you, has furbling babies, can be groomed, fed and so much more. It is brilliant. You can either interact with it through an app or by talking or by touch. So many features in one toy. It develops all the time you play with it so has endless play potential.

I did panic slightly when I found it came without batteries but soon learned to pull its tail and send it to sleep! On Christmas day this toy got all the love and attention and it has had a great deal since too. It is now saying lots of words and is a firm member of the family. We have hatched a couple of baby furblings and we love our little Furby.

Don’t tell ANYONE but I wish I had one of my very own.

Huge thanks to Direct Line Home Insurance for sending us Furby to review, sing to, talk with  and cuddle!


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