Protecting your family against fraud

TODAY – Protecting your family against fraud

Protecting your family’s personal identity is a key issue for mums across the country but new research has shown that we’re just not that sure how to do it. Partner and supporter of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week since 2005, Fellowes offers top tips on keeping your household information protected. They advise that you do the following


Protecting your family against fraud – TOP TIPS

  • · Shred all personal and confidential information with a cross-cut shredder. If in doubt, shred it – even junk mail
  • · Rip your name and address off junk mail and shred before throwing the mail away – a name and address on can be all an identity thief needs

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  • · Protect Your Post – Fraudsters may try to redirect your mail without your permission
  • · Secure Your Post – If you use a central or communal postal delivery point, such as in a block of flats, make sure your mail is secured until you can collect it
  • · Be Safe Online – If you use the internet make sure you have the latest security patches and up-to-date anti-virus software installed
  • · Be Vigilant – Beware of anybody who contacts you unexpectedly and asks for personal information or account details even if they claim to be from your bank, the police or another official organisation like your local council
  • · Pay Attention to Billing Cycles – Contact creditors immediately if your bills arrive late. A missing bill could mean a fraudster has taken over your credit card account and changed your billing address
  • · Credit Report – It is a good idea to check your credit report regularly to ensure no accounts or credit has been illegally set up in your nam

Fraud seems to be a big issue: I get loads of fraudulent ‘bank’ emails telling me that I need to give them my password or that paypal is needing my details etc. Sometimes they look so genuine too.

Recent research has found that  for women between the ages of 35 and 55:

  • 84 per cent had thought about fraud regularly or occasionally
  • 52 per cent were worried about becoming a victim of fraud
  • 54 per cent felt that if someone wanted to commit fraud against them there was nothing they could do to stop them
  • 61 per cent were prepared to go to great lengths to protect their identity and make life difficult for fraudsters

The survey which sees Government, banking and the telecoms industry join forces, forms the backbone of a new campaign entitled The Devil’s in Your Details’, developed to support women in order to reduce their chances of becoming fraud victims.

Protecting your family against fraud is a feature post – you might talos like my post on great tips how to fight fraud



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