Quick ways to give your home a summer makeover

Today – Quick ways to give your home a summer makeover

With Summer finally on the horizon, we are all dreaming of warm Summer nights, BBQs in the garden, days exploring the countryside and of course, heading to the beach. But when your home doesn’t reflect the outside world, it’s harder to get in the Summer mood. Bring the light into your home this Summer, with these ideas for giving your home the makeover it deserves.


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Quick ways to give your home a summer makeover

Let’s have a look at some quick wins when it comes to a summer makeover


Maximise natural light 

As seasons come and go, redecorating your home every Summer is simply not an option. However, there are other simple ways to give your home a Summer makeover. For example, by rearranging your furniture you can maximise the natural light in your home. Is your sofa facing away from the window and partially blocking it? Does your desk sit in the darkest corner of your office? Simply by positioning your desk in front of a window can help you enhance the natural light and reports show sitting by a window will also double your alertness! If your home lacks natural light, giving a room a fresh coat of lighter paint can also make a big difference.


Don’t neglect your Spring clean

There’s a reason why Spring cleaning is so popular. Open the windows to let some fresh air in, vacuum, wipe away the dust, generally declutter, and take unwanted possessions to charity.


Lighten and brighten

Generally lighten your home by storing away heavy, thick throws and chunky textured cushions and replace with lighter fabrics in brighter, floral or colourful prints. Replacing your dark duvet cover with crisp white bed linen and white cushions can also help brighten your bedroom. Opt for bright colours to put you in the perfect Summer mood when choosing new artwork and strategically use mirrors to enhance light and give the illusion of more open space.

Step outside

As Winter comes to a close, we are all starting to get out and about more. If your garden has been neglected after the long winter, now is the perfect time to start getting it ready for Summer. Buy potted plants and flowers, start mowing the grass and create the perfect relaxing and entertaining area. Surround your outdoor seating area with fairy lights to create the perfect mood and consider investing in a heater, so you can enjoy the outdoors even when the weather isn’t up to scratch.

Alternatively, as the Summer doesn’t always live up to our expectation, many homeowners invest in a conservatory to allow them to enjoy the Summer even on the chillier days. Create the perfect retreat and enjoy nature and the great outdoors from the comfort of your own home. Search for “conservatories Hampshire” to find the right company for your installation.


The finishing touch

As your garden starts to thrive again, bring nature inside by regularly buying fresh flowers. This will bring your home to life and brighten any room. You can pick up a bargain bunch at your local supermarket and add foliage from your garden. Opt for rosemary or lavender, if possible. This article has some great tips for upgrading a supermarket bouquet!



Quick ways to give your home a summer makeover


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