Review: Mission Earth : An Eco-Friendly Board Game

I love the story behind this board game from Gibsons called Mission Earth It was actually designed by a group of teenage girls from Oxfordshire as part of the Youth Enterprise scheme. How great is that!

It ‘s a brilliant explain to children the importance of recycling and eco-friendly practices and help them to understand  green living. I was shocked that my two didn’t know what a carbon footprint was but really surprised and pleased they knew loads about recycling. It is a real good way to heck out their understanding and what they need more info on.

Mission Earth is set in the year 2259 and is a race against time to save the planet, demonstrating the devastating results to the earth unless we reduce our carbon footprints now. Players select an Earth Hero and are tasked with travelling back through time to bring their message home answering questions and completing challenges along the way.  The aim is to be the first player to get back to earth, losing their carbon tokens on the way. There are lots of questions and fun actions that you have to complete also based around being ‘green’. I

loved that their were easier questions for younger children and the actions were really completable (is that a word?) by everyone. Very inclusive. My daughters hero’s slogan was Girl power. She has been shouting it with arm action non stop ever since. Annalise age 5 genuinely won the day, with a little help form her big brother. She was DELIGHTED ( I was VERY unlucky!!!)

The box which is made from 100% recycled card and folds out to create the game board reducing packaging and waste its actually very well designed.

A really useful educational and very entertaining game.

Lots of fun!

review: mission earth, eco-friendly game

You can buy Mission Earth from Amazon and other good toy retailers. On Amazon it retails at £13.67


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