Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter Review

Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter Review

Oh this is one very cool scooter.

The Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter features a retro-style oversized frame and 12″ wheels with pump-up tyres for extreme effect.

It has  a rear  brake and there’s extra grip available when pulling-off stunts or just stopping safely.

It has a  large footplate which measures 12″ across and gives riders space to move for tricks or comfort, and the side stand provides easy parking

This scooter’s handlebar height can be adjusted from 29″ to 33.25″ and it’s suitable for riders up to 60kg (9 stone) in weight.

It has 12 inch wheels and pump up tyres

It is suitable for children aged  5+

Rocket Xtreme BMX Scooter Review

Being brand new to this kind of scooter my son isn’t pulling off any tricks yet but he has been having loads of fun with it and it feels sturdy and he feels very confident on it so I am sure he’ll be trying some tricks very soon!

The scooter costs £49.95 and is available at Fun4kids  this has to be one of the coolest scooters on the market.

My husband did not find this very easy to put together (but he never does find stuff easy to put together to be fair!) but he believes it to be totally worth the effort, we ended up giving £10 to the fella at the local bike shop to do it.


Wish they did them in my size


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