3 ways to make the most of a cramped kitchen

3 ways to make the most of a cramped kitchen – let’s explore. 


make the most of a cramped kitchen

If you enjoy cooking and couldn’t bear the thought of not being able to whip up your very own culinary masterpiece from time to time, a small kitchen can prove problematic. Options such as expanding the space, or even more dramatically moving elsewhere, may not be realistic – so what can you do? Here are a few ways to make the most of what you’ve got:

Clear out the clutter

If you’ve amassed an extensive collection of kitchen appliances, but struggle to find the space to keep them all it’s time to de-clutter. This might mean being a little ruthless, but ask yourself how often you use that steamer or pasta maker? If the answer is not very often then either get rid of it or store it away somewhere else. You might find another part of your house offers storage space that’s not currently being used, so spread things around. By simply keeping what you use on a daily basis to hand you’ll be amazed at the room you can create.

Clean as you go along

Cleaning as you go along is good practice in any kitchen, but in cramped conditions it can prove an even better idea. Try to minimise the amount of utensils you need by rinsing them and using them again and where possible stash prepared items in the fridge until you need them. Doing prep work might seem like a bit a chore, but should make the process of cooking in a small space far less stressful. Remember too that if something has been used and isn’t needed again to put it back where it’s kept

Get creative

It’s always worth thinking about new ways to use the space you have available to you. This might mean stashing something inside the microwave, dishwasher or oven (providing they aren’t in use of course!) to keep your work surface clear while you work. Also consider hanging storage options, shelving and stackable racks for a little extra space vertically.

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