Could you be sat on a festive fortune?

Seriously have a look around you really could be sat on a festive fortune.

We all do it don’t we?

Drop loose change in our pocket, just rest it on the side of the sofa, leave it in our jeans and have to fish it out the washing machine. I don’t know about you but I have at least 5 bags in regular use and then there are bags I use when we swim or go out for an evening all of them get loose change left in. If I feel in the pockets of my rain mac, old cardigan even an unworn for a while dressing gown  very often coins emerge.

Often i just put the m down again somewhere else.

What I need to do is scoop them up an pop them in a jar and head out to my nearest coinstar machine. These coins translate to real and useable hard cash!

Christmas Bonus FINAL

And that is all before I check the car for dropped coins and under the bed, under the sofa, little bowls of bits and bobs around the house and my actual spare coin pot!!

I actually think our haul will come to quite a bit more than the average of £60 and actually right now it would be extremely welcome and I have just worked out I have 42  Christmas gifts to buy!!! How on earth did it get to 42??? Aggh. My family and friends keep procreating

Coinstar kiosks can be found in over 1,900 outlets including major supermarkets,  There’s no need to count out the change either, just chuck it in the kiosks and let them do the counting up for you/ Apparently over 70% of houses have spare change lying about!

For more information, visit 

Bet you stop reading this post and go and feel down the back of your sofa!



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