Styling Tweed Jackets: Top 10 Frugal Tips For A Summer Wedding

Styling Tweed Jackets

Styling Tweed Jackets


Styling Tweed Jackets: Top 10 Frugal Tips For A Summer Wedding

Deciding to have a wedding during the summer months is actually very beneficial. A summer wedding will allow the couple to invite more guests, have more flower options to choose from, and take advantage of outdoor venues. Summer weddings are unique and fun, but do you have any idea how you can dress well for the event once you’re invited? 

A tweed jacket is a traditional Irish and Scottish piece of clothing that is becoming more and more popular in different parts of the world because of its durability and ability to resist moisture. Buying a tweed jacket from a well-known brand, like Brook Taverner, and styling it properly can become your ticket to saving money and looking good when invited to a summer wedding.  

Here are some ways you can properly style tweed jackets: 


  • Tweed Jacket + Dress 

Although tweed jackets are naturally structured, there are plenty of styling options that allow you to show off your femininity while wearing them. When you’re invited to a summer wedding, pair your favorite summer dress with a tweed jacket. This combination will result in a fun and sexy look that will surely highlight your curves.  

When wearing a tweed jacket with a dress, make sure that you’re picking pieces with similar color palettes. This will ensure that your entire outfit will look cohesive.  


  • Tweed Jacket + Slim Fit Pants 

If you’re not into dresses, fret not because there are still many ways you can rock tweed jackets. Put on your favorite slim fit jeans, throw on a top that matches the wedding motif, and finish it off with your tweed jacket—now, you’re good to go! 


Styling Tweed Jackets


  • Tweed Jacket + Wide-Legged Pants 

For you to easily move around during the wedding, consider pairing your tweed jacket with wide-legged pants. Depending on your preference, you can wear a colorful top under it or close the jacket throughout the entire event and use it as your top.  


  • Tweed Jacket + Pencil Skirt 

Tweed jackets that come with matching pencil skirts are common today. If you want a fool-proof way to look your best when attending a summer wedding, a tweed jacket and a pencil skirt pairing is one of your best options. You can opt for a plain pair or one that comes in a printed design. 


  • Dark Tweed Jacket + Colorful Undershirt 

It’s common for women to go for monochromatic color palettes when it comes to their outfits. They’ll usually put on pieces of clothing in similar colors. However, if you want to be different, style your dark-colored tweed jacket with a colorful undershirt. This trick will add more personality and interest to your outfit!  


  • Plain Tweed Jacket + White Dress Shirt 

Men can also look good when wearing tweed jackets at summer weddings, and all they need is a good pair of jeans and a white dress shirt to be able to pull off this particular style. If you’ll be going with a man to a summer wedding, introduce this type of outfit so both of you can look stunning! 


  • Tweed Jacket + Blue Shirt + Beige Chinos 

If your man doesn’t want to look too formal at a summer wedding, let him wear a blue shirt and beige chinos with his tweed jacket instead. Ditch the bow tie to create that perfect laidback look. 


  • Checkered Tweed Jacket + White Dress Shirt + Blue Slim Fit Chinos 

For a more sophisticated look, let your man wear a checkered tweed jacket with a white dress shirt underneath. Checkered tweed jackets come in squared patterns that will surely draw attention once worn.  

Since the tweed jacket already has a colorful pattern, make sure to remove any accessories, such as a bow tie, to prevent going overboard. With this outfit, less is more.  



Styling Tweed Jackets

  • Tweed Jacket + Waistcoat 

A tweed jacket paired with a waistcoat is a timeless combination. Pulling off this style might require the wearer to exert more effort to find a tweed jacket and waistcoat that match, but everything will be worth it in the end. This outfit will surely look good when paired with blue jeans or blue chinos.  


  • Plain Tweed Jacket + Plaid Undershirt 

Tweed jackets come in a wide variety of colors today, and buying those that are in earthy tones are a great investment. For your next summer wedding, let your man wear one and, then, pair it with a plaid undershirt. Make sure to let him mix and match by wearing pants and other accessories in earthy tones.  


Start Now 

Properly styling a tweed jacket can become your ticket to finally showing up in a summer wedding in style. So, start scouting for reliable brands so you’ll end up with the best tweed jacket. The sooner you buy this piece of clothing, the earlier you can plan for your entire outfit!   


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