Stylish Stools for the Family Home

As regular readers will know over the past year we have been making over our home. It’s been tons of hard work with decorating and decluttering factored in to but it is looking so much better.

There are still things we want and need but these will be added slowly and really considered in relation to the room. It’s not a big house so anything new has to really tie in with what we have in terms of both size and style.

I was delighted to choose some items to review from Wayfair. My goodness they sell everything to do with the home…from classic and contemporary to quirky, at a range of prices. I could have browsed all day!

I knew though that I was looking for seating. I was after gorgeous seating that wouldn’t take up much room but that would tie in exactly with what we had already done to the various rooms. No tall order then!

My search began for a stool for the kitchen. The children need one to reach cutlery and plates and currently stand on the too tall kitchen chair scraping the floor each time they putt the chair out. My kitchen is cream and serene with the only pattern being from the lovely planters I have that hold my cleaning bits and bobs and the kids homework.

Well would you believe it I found a dairy stool that matched exactly!

achica review

achica home accesories








The kids love their new stool and are helping themselves to more biscuits! and helping more in better ways too such as setting the table!

Next up we needed to replace our much loved egg chair in the lounge. Red, orange and lots of fun the kids have loved this chair but they have out grown it and the fabric is torn and dirty.

egg chair


So I wanted something cheerful and fun to occupy the same space that would be a good additional seat. I think the red wilkinsons furniture pod stool with tray is just ideal.

It is such a lovely warm colour, it ties in with the room,  it’s comfy, looks nice   and you can store things inside it so just perfect for a family home. Oh yes and its wipe clean -always a bonus with kids. I am delighted with this stool and feel it fits in beautifully. These are such stylish stools too.


The last stool I chose was for Annalise my daughters room. Now she has a cabin bed we need somewhere to sit when we read her stories at night and she needs a little place for her pals to sit when they come to play.  This is her room, it is very serene and  a white stool is a perfect addition.

ladder heart

This spinning drum stool is my personal favourite of the 3. It is unusual, glossy and sophisticated and lots of fun too because whirls around! Just idea for this bedroom. It feels nice to sit on too. Again its wipe clean which is just so useful! Its also a nice size and not too obtrusive in this little room.


A perfect little under the bed den complete with new stool…….

photo (32), stylish stools

There are just so many chairs and seating options at Wayfair you really can find pretty much exactly the right seat for any room which really enables you to achieve the home you want.


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