The Friendship Maze – a guide to helping kids with their friendships

Ah, kids friendships- such a minefield – The Friendship Maze  is here to help !

My kids would not thank me for writing about their friendship woes on my blog but like all families, we have been through these from time to time and oh my goodness – stressful!

Friendships are so important to children (as they are to adults) and of course, any problems within these relationships can lead to a great deal of upset. It can be very difficult to advise our kids though can’t it and it can be really hard to know what to do for the best. I often have the instinct and the urge to confront other parents /ban said child from our home FOR ETERNITY and be extreme in the face of someone upsetting my child. I know however this I MUST NOT do and that peaceful resolutions are best. It so hard when emotions are involved though, isn’t it?


The Friendship Maze

Tanith Carey has just released a brand new book that looks at the tricky issues of children’s friendships from tots to teens. She looks at the pressures, the impact of this digital age and also the importance of healthy friendship. Then she guides us step by step through the muddy fields of friendship dispensing invaluable advice along the way. The Friendship Maze is beautifully and clearly written, as Tanith’s parenting books always are, it is such a useful resource!


The Friendship Maze


I was really lucky and got to read this book before it came out so there is a little review from me on it’s inner pages. This is what I had to say –

Probably the most important thing our children could ever learn is to have solid, healthy friendships. In this ground-breaking book Tanith shows parents how they can help their children through often tricky maze of friendship and develop the skills they need to have relationships that thrive. Such an empowering and positive guide to support children’s emotional wellbeing and resilience – a treasure of a book and much needed in this digital age that throws up a host of new friendship issues.

I would highly recommend this book The Friendship Maze – it is positive and solution focussed and so useful!


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