The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods with Soda and Vinegar

Today – The Most Popular Carpet Cleaning Methods with Soda and Vinegar

Carpet Cleaning Methods with Soda and Vinegar

Carpet Cleaning Methods with Soda and Vinegar

Today, there are a huge number of various kinds of carpets, but classic rugs and carpets will probably never lose their relevance. It doesn’t matter how much the carpets cost, whether they are made of wool or ordinary fabric, the most important thing is that these things help to create an incredible atmosphere of comfort, warmth and cosiness in the house.

In order for your favourite carpet to be as beautiful and soft as possible as on the day of its purchase, you need to take care of it. Here we will look at how to properly care for such products and learn how to clean the carpet at home with soda and vinegar.



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Over the years, people have come up with new and innovative ways to clean floor coverings from dirt, dust, animal hair, traces of drinks and food. Here are the most effective and time-tested:

What could be easier than vacuuming the carpet? Nowadays there are even washing vacuum cleaners. However, they can help only in those cases when it is necessary to eliminate minor spots and dust. In addition, after such a wash, the coating will become wet and will have to dry for a long time.

Snow – resort to this method when there is severe pollution and the accumulation of a large amount of dust. After such a procedure, the carpet seems to “come to life”, it becomes like new. However, here there are drawbacks – cleaning in this way can only be done in winter, plus you will have to make a lot of effort.

Dry cleaning. Here, your favourite carpet will be cleaned to a shine, even the most problematic spots will be removed, the smell will be eliminated, and as a result, he will return to the house dry and beautiful. But you have to pay well for it. Industrial powders and sprays. Yes, it’s easy to use, but, unfortunately, not all of them are quite effective and they are not cheap. And again, this is an additional fraction of the chemistry in your home, and in any case, it affects your health.



Carpet Cleaning Methods with Soda and Vinegar – An oldie but a goodie

There is nothing better than carpet cleaning methods with soda and vinegar to fight stains. As it turned out, this outdated method is considered the best option.


How to clean the carpet at home with soda and vinegar?

Very simple, fast, efficient, and most importantly – inexpensive cleaning method. Of course, you will have to spend a little time on the preparation of the desired solution and the cleaning itself, but it’s worth it.

In total, there are three options for cleaning carpets with these amazing ingredients. It is still recommended to start with a vacuum cleaner, otherwise the result will be less effective. Next, we consider these options in more detail.

Method 1: The whole carpet needs to be covered with soda. After fifteen minutes, it is swept away, held by a vacuum cleaner. To prepare a solution for further cleaning, you need to mix one tablespoon of soda with a litre of water, moisten a brush in it and clean the surface.

Method 2: Dilute 100 grams of soda in five litres of water. Pour the resulting solution into the spray bottle, spray the carpet thoroughly, but do not overdo it. Once everything is dry, remove the soda with a vacuum cleaner. This cleaning ends with the use of vinegar.

Method 3: Dilute the vinegar with water in the proportions of one to four. Then apply on the spots, pat dry with a paper towel or napkins. After a couple of minutes, thoroughly cover with soda. Wait several minutes and then remove everything with a vacuum cleaner.


How to clean a carpet with vinegar?

How to clean the carpet at home with the help of soda and vinegar, we have already figured out, is it possible to use one component if the other is not at home? Sure. To make your carpet shine again with its former beauty and bright colours, you can use a vinegar solution:

You need to dilute a spoonful of vinegar in a litre of warm water. Then soak a brush in it and thoroughly clean the entire surface of the carpet in the direction of the pile. After 30 minutes, gently pat the coating with a sponge and vacuum.

All the methods, described in this article, are effective enough to cope with stains on your carpet. However, you should know that in order to preserve the good condition of your flooring you need to use professional cleaning services at least once a year.

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