Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple

Today – Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple

Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple



Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple


Durban, South Africa (Thanda Safari)

There is something really special about a wedding being celebrated out in the open, with a safari type atmosphere, the sounds of the wild and the excitement in the air. Guests waiting for the bride anxiously and to their surprise hear the sound of Zulu dancers leading the bride down the aisle. The name Thanda means ‘love’ and on this special day as you exchange your vows under the African sun, being sheltered by the ancient marula trees, love is all around embracing you in your special moment. Once all the nuptials have been completed, and the bridal couple have been pronounced husband and wife, they lead their guests to a safari-styled reception with the aroma of food filling the air, breathtaking views overlooking the African bush, beautifully decorated in a star-lit boma where you will celebrate under the African skies until the early hours of the morning. An African safari wedding may not have been something you thought of, but is there really a more unique, beautiful way to start forever together?


Ubud, Bali

On the Indonesian Island of Bali is a town called Ubud located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines. Indonesia has more than seventeen thousand islands and has become a popular destination for holidaymakers. Ubud has become very popular place for weddings too, with majestic places like the Hanging Gardens of Bali, attracting thousands of wedding parties a year as well as honeymooners. This captivating resort offers all that you can wish for in privacy and tranquility, as luxury and nature join in perfect harmony. Being a nature-loving couple you will feel at one with the raw nature of Bali – the jungles, the ocean, the animals. People from all over the globe visit Bali to recharge and to immerse themselves in nature, without compromising on comfort and modern travel which makes it a real treat for you as a couple and your wedding guests. So make your wedding a memorable, nature-filled trip!


Santorini, Greece

One of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea is a captivating island called Santorini. It’s one of the world’s most beautiful islands, known for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset which onlookers often describe as a display reserved for Santorini. The island is also famous for its underwater caldera, formed by a devastating volcanic eruption in the sixteenth century BC. There is so much natural beauty, as well as fascinating stories that come out of Santorini, making it a place of much substance for an event as special as a wedding (or a proposal). You have many options to choose from when it comes to wedding locales on the island, including charismatic traditional Greek churches, a beaches, or a terrace overlooking the great expanse of ocean, with the gorgeous sunset as your backdrop. An eighteenth century sailing ship or catamaran on the open seas is another grand way of pledging your love, or atop a hill surrounded by vineyards and majestic scenery.


Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple

Provence, France

Planning a wedding is always about love being the centre point, and France, with its cities like Paris – also known as the city of love, truly makes it a focal point without even trying. Although Paris is a formidable wedding destination, remember there are plenty of exquisite nature-filled places throughout the country, including the rolling hills and wine farms of Provence. This is located in the southeast of France, bordering Italy and the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its diversity of landscapes with its Southern Alps and Camargue plains to the gorgeous lavender fields, vineyards, pine forests and olive groves, it certainly is a pristine place to get married. No matter what venue you choose there are even options that you can arrive in style such as: horse and carriage, a classic car or even a hot air balloon – is this not something straight out of a romance novel?

Franschhoek, South Africa

Franschhoek is a quaint town outside of Cape Town, South Africa. It is a very historical pretty town that has become one of the top wedding destinations for both locals; South Africans from surrounding provinces, and more recently those from abroad. When driving into Franschhoek you will immediately see why this is often the town of choice, with its majestic mountains, beautiful gardens, Cape Dutch manors, and beautiful wine estates with flourishing vineyards surrounding it, making it a picture perfect setting for garden weddings. Wine estates are the most popular venues with Manor houses, restaurants or beautiful old barns fit for weddings and receptions.


Wedding Ideas for the Nature-Loving Couple


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