The rise of the bargain bragger – are you one?

Are you a bargain bragger?

New research reveals a fresh breed of bargain hunter – the ‘bargain bragger’: dedicated to getting the best deal they can just so they can socially share their financial finesse.


bargain bragger



The rise of the bargain bragger

I love these statistics …..

Only 4% of people will tell friends if they have splashed out on an expensive purchase in these credit-crunch times wheras 58% of those asked by said they got more satisfaction from boasting about a bargain

48% of shoppers said they felt ‘amazing’ whether they saved £1 or £100

The phenomenon is most prevalent in the Midlands with Brummie buyers emerging as the biggest bargain braggers – 68% of shoppers here say they get a buzz out of telling others how much they’ve saved on a purchase; 1 in 5 said a bargain makes them feel ‘ecstatic’Glaswegians are least likely to show off about a bargain – yet more than half (53%) of those quizzed still admitted to doing so

Money saving is top of the agenda for 53% of UK shoppers who say they now go out of their way to bag a bargain – rising to 70% for shoppers in Manchester

79% of men would rather save money on a purchase than watch their favourite team win. But for 58% of women, losing some pounds on the scales still beats saving some pounds in the purse. The figure rises to 68% amongst the over 55s

Nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of shoppers admitted feeling cheated if they later find out they have paid over the odds for something


Bargain bragger satisfaction

 Christine Webber, Psychotherapist says:

There is a real satisfaction to be had from knowing that we have done a deal and have not had to part with the full asking price for something that we want.”

 Tim Moss, Financial Expert of says: “In these financially challenging times, it is unsurprising that the thrifty culture Britain is adopting is increasingly shaping our shopping habits.

“Consumers are now accustomed to getting money off purchases, which is leaving more people with the natural ‘high’ of securing a bargain.”

*Online Survey of 2,020 UK adults aged 18+ was carried out by Opinium Research, from 20th – 22nd of July 2011

Do you get a kick out of bargain hunting. I know I do….


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