Three Activities to do with Kids on a Budget

Today – Activities to do with Kids on a Budget

Having a family is one of the greatest privileges in life but it can also be a huge challenge. Not everyone is blessed with vast amounts of wealth and in a modern society where inflation often outstrips pay rises, it’s getting that bit harder to make ends meet.

Fear not, as we are here to help. Children are, in fact, incredibly easy to entertain without having to head out to the nearest toy shop and purchase whatever trend is currently whipping up the school playground into a frenzy.


Activities to do with Kids on a Budget

Here are just a few fun activities that you can do with the little’uns without having to break the bank.

Park Life – Getting Out and About

The best way to get the children, and you, out for some exercise and away from the TV is to head to the local park. This may sound obvious but there is often a lot more to do there than you think. With a bit of innovation a trip to the local green area can be a regular event, even if the weather decides to be a bit iffy.

Take a picnic with you; this is always an exciting change for kids. Even if you have the fussy eating variety, a different scene to munch on that nosh could be exactly the remedy you are looking for.


Activities to do with Kids on a Budget


If there is a river, then the traditional game of Pooh Sticks never gets old and you could even make some twig boats and let them loose to bring in some art and crafts too.


Last minute breaks – get away from it all on a budget

If you are worried about being able to afford a holiday or even need help deciding where to go then you can always check out reviews online or even seek out the spiritual and try consulting an expert in tarot readings to put your mind at ease, and provide you with some much-needed clarity.



However you decided to pick your break, there are some bargains to be had especially if you book at the last minute. Holidaying at home has becoming an increasingly popular choice and is bringing in huge amounts of money for the local economy. Also self-catering can save you a lot of money when away from home and some resorts will even have deals where children eat for free which can be an excellent bonus.


Activities to do with Kids on a Budget- Local delights

This is where knowing your local area can be a huge advantage. Throughout the year, there are bound to be activities put on by local societies and schools that are completely free to join in.

Schools have summer fairs, Christmas fetes and other events that are free to enter and often contain stalls that sell things at a very reasonable price. Make sure you have a look around to keep up to date with everything that is happening. Kids will love it and you have the bonus of not having to pack loads seeing as most will be right on your doorstep.

These are just three ideas but there are plenty of other activities you can do with your kids that don’t have to cost the earth. Activities to do with Kids on a Budget are plentiful and just as fab!


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Do you  have any top tips for Activities to do with Kids on a Budget?


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