Tightening the Purse Strings: Making Driving Affordable

So how do we go about making driving affordable.

The consistent problem of our times, it seems, is how to save money. For driving in particular, fuel prices alone are already a concern. But driving can be made affordable by taking a few simple steps that for many of us will seem obvious when we hear about them.


Making Driving Affordable


How do we go about making driving affordable

For example, beginner drivers may want to consider driving theory tests accessible online. This online practice guide from Top Tests gives the preparation needed to pass the driving exam in one go. This saves you the trouble of having to pay for a re-take, and allows you to further get acquainted with the particulars of driving.

When we take a look, we will find that there are plenty of options for saving money available – and we don’t even have to look far.


Efficient Driving

Being a good driver is important for obvious reasons, most of which could also save you from half your expenses.

Acquiring the proper driving skills lessens the insurance premium that could have gone from paying for the damage on your car to your personal leisure instead.

Fuel-wise, the decent driver can save up to 20%. The Energy Saving Trust Bank delineates several ways by which efficient driving helps reduce the monetary cost of fuel consumption. Cutting down on an uncalled for need for speed and driving smoothly can go a long way where fuel is concerned.


Making Driving Affordable


Air conditioning v open air – Making Driving Affordable

One commonly held thought is that turning off car air-conditioning reduces fuel consumption at all times. An article on How Stuff Works, however, compiles arguments for both air-conditioning and open-air driving that is how to make driving affordable.

Rolling down the windows and enjoying the open air is recommended at around 40mph. This is when the car isn’t producing enough power, and would have to work twice as hard to produce energy for air-conditioning. Above that speed, the vehicle can produce enough for both the engine and for other power accessories.


Making Driving Affordable

Car Maintenance

While ensuring you’re an efficient driver cuts the cost, considering your car’s maintenance is also an important aspect when thinking about making driving affordable. When purchasing a car, make sure to inspect its tyres, brakes, steering, air filters, seats, and other crucial parts to avoid a faulty purchase later on.


For general car maintenance, The Hamilton Spectator gives some of its own tips, including avoiding over-filling your tank, and checking the tyre pressure on a regular basis, as tyres lacking air in them could affect fuel mileage and damage themselves. Make sure that your cargo isn’t too much for your vehicle, as the added weight will need extra power, and eat up more fuel than usual.


Watch out for hot-weathered days, which could seriously affect your car’s battery performance and fuel mileage. Have your coolant checked at least once a year to prepare for those warm months.


Driving seems like a common life skill, but all things considered, it’s also pretty costly. Given the right amount of saving, maintenance, and conscientious driving, however, you can keep that cost down to a bare minimum.

Making Driving Affordable




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