Tips and tricks to keep yourself safe when you are travelling

Tips and tricks to keep yourself safe when you are travelling

It is so important to keep yourself safe when travelling as when things go wrong when you are away from home it can be tricky to fix them.

Here are some of  my favourite and the most useful travelling safety hacks

  • A money belt of some kind is a really good idea for your passport and cash if you are planning on napping whilst you travel – as unattended bags are a magnet for thieves
  • Lost passports can cause all sorts of problemsso do leave a copy of your passport details (including a photocopy at home with a trusted friend so  that they can send the details to you really quickly if needed)
  • This is a great tip passed on by a regular hotel staying friend- putting a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your hotel door makes someone think you are not in the room so if you do this when you go out it will keep your luggage safe.
  • Do get travel insurance even if it’s just a quick trip and you are feeling confident nothing will go wrong. You will never regret this.
  • If you are travelling alone do tell family and friends where you are planning to go and do keep checking in even if it is just a text
  • Use the hotel safe!
  • When on a beach if you go in for a swim and are alone make sure you have  a waterproof key and money bag
  • Do some research on the area you are visiting so you don’t inadvertently book to stay in /or end up wandering around an unsavoury/notorious neighbourhood.
  • Do take your EHIC card if travelling in Europe
  • Consider taking a travel CO2 detector with you
  • Take water purification tablets with you if unsure about the water quality of where you are going
  • In crowded areas do consider putting your coat/ cardigan over your handbag strap  as it prevents it getting wrenched off and stolen
  • Installing Apple pay or similar is a good idea as it means that you still have a means to pay even if your purse gets pinched
  • If you are on out and about walking and need to keep safe here are some great options to help you in this fabulous infographic from Slater and Gordon


keep yourself safe when you are travelling

So I do hope these are useful!






  1. Steveark
    December 14, 2017 / 20:18

    I’m guessing you meant CO (carbon monoxide, highly poisonous) detector and not CO2 (carbon dioxide, relatively harmless). Yeah, I’m a nerd chemical engineer if there was any doubt. Great tips for safe travel!

  2. January 16, 2018 / 04:41

    This is a solid list. The do not disturb sign at the hotel door is genius! Never would of thought of that. Thanks!

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