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Whether we like it or not, the bathroom needs renovating from time to time. You may be trying to sell your house or alternatively just looking to add a bit of fresh style to a rundown rest room. Regardless of your reasons, it is incredibly frustrating not to be able to carry out even the most minor renovation of your budget doesn’t allow it.

Bundle Bargains

If you’re looking for the full suite: toilet, basin, pedestals, maybe even a bath, shower and some furniture, then you will ideally need to find co-ordinating ceramics to do the job. In order to do this without spending a small fortune, check out bundles that bathroom stores offer. More often than not, you can buy the complete suite for a discounted price which includes the full works. Avoid endless hours of mixing and matching various bathroom products to suit, investing in an entire suite will not only save you a vast amount of cash, it’ll also give your bathroom a more co-ordinated look.

Furniture, cloakroom suites, vanity units and much more can all be bought in more affordable bundles; it may just take little extra time picking out the perfect bargain.

Space Saving Solutions

A common mistake in bathroom renovations is trying to squeeze too much into a small space, creating a cramped and claustrophobic feeling. A good way to save money as well as creating a stylish, modern bathroom is by taking on a minimalist mind set during the redesigning process. Once the basics are in, (a basin, toilet and a shower or bath) then think carefully and measure your space thoroughly when adding furniture and accessories.

Selling Up?

If you plan to sell your house in the near future or if it is currently on the market, you may be wasting your money investing in a luxury bathroom suite that you won’t get to enjoy. Home owners are looking for a simple space where they don’t have to carry out too much work. If you install a full, luxurious bathroom suite to suit your style, this could in fact put potential buyers off if they disagree with your taste. A simple, minimalist and contemporary bathroom will do the trick, and you won’t have to break the bank either!

Although bathrooms inevitably do need renovating from time to time, your budget should not put you off adding a new suite to style your home. Don’t forget to consider labour costs in your budget as well as unpredictable spends, just in case.


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