Two Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting

Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting

When you are living on a budget, every little helps. Even small changes that save you a few pennies every day, add up. By the end of the year, one small change can end up saving you pounds.

That is why it is really worth looking at every aspect of how you run your home in detail. Doing so, even every once in a while, will reveal to you new, and often easy, ways to save a surprising amount of money. A great example of this is lighting. You will see what I mean when you read on.


Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting


Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting


Switch to LEDs

As you can see here the price of LED bulbs had fallen drastically. In fact, since 2010, the price has fallen by a stunning 90%.

Understandably, the high cost of these bulbs stopped a lot of people switching to them, when they first came out. Very few homeowners wanted to spend £30 or more to replace a bulb in their home. As a result, many people did not make the switch. Unfortunately, most people have not noticed that the price of LED bulbs has fallen so drastically. Many homeowners are still automatically buying CFLs and are not even considering LEDs.

They are missing out on reducing the amount of power they use to light their home. These new style bulbs draw a lot less power and last far longer. So, you have a lower electric bill and do not have to buy replacement bulbs as often. Therefore, the next time you need to replace a bulb, it really is worth considering buying an LED one.


Rationalise your lighting

Sometimes you can have fewer lights on. Turning off a light completely can save you a fair amount of money each year. How much depends very much on the wattage being drawn by the bulb.

The best approach is to go through your home, starting with the high wattage bulbs and see if you can turn any of them off. In most homes, outdoor lighting is a good place to start. For example, do you really need to have an outside lamp on all night? In most cases, the answer is no.

In this situation, you have three choices. Turn it off completely. If you do this you may be able to sell the lamp. Old-fashioned outdoor lamp post style lights are worth a surprising amount of money, so this could be an excellent option for some people.

The next option is to fit a timer, so the light is left on for a shorter period of time. Or, lastly, you could buy a sensor bulb for the lamp. There are two types. One will come on when it gets dark enough, the other will only come on when someone walks within a certain distance of the lamp.

Inside your home consider moving lighting, so that you get the most from it. For example, in a kitchen having under-cabinet lighting can be better than having a central light array on for long periods of time. In your living room, buying a couple of low-cost lamps can enable you to turn off expensive halogen bulb ceiling lights entirely. You can find out more about saving money by choosing the right lighting, from this page.


Ways to Save Money on Your Lighting


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