Voucher codes help save cash & donate to charity #winning

Voucher codes help save cash

Like many of us, the economy has made spending harder than ever. Gas bills are on the up and wages have stagnated. However, rather than give up everything, I’d rather find a cheaper way to enjoy life’s little luxuries.

Voucher codes help save cash


With that in mind, I’ve been looking into discount vouchers. Although never a prude when it comes to saving money, I was never really one for sifting through the newspaper for a 10p coupon. Online voucher codes are a whole new prospect though – did you know nearly 70% of adults are using them these days?


I’m certainly not one to miss out on a bargain, and with savings on everything from the weekly shop to dream holidays, I thought I’d see what bargains I could sniff out. My main aim was to keep the kids entertained throughout the summer holidays, but I was genuinely surprised to see the variety of things I could save on. There must be thousands of retailers on these sites, all offering huge discounts.


Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been living in a cave or the past couple of years. I have used a few free delivery codes before, but it’s not something I’ve done religiously. I think that’ll change though.


One of the sites, My Favourite Voucher Codes was quite impressive. It’s only been going for about 18 months, but it donates 20% net profits to charity. There’s a poll on homepage where you can vote for your preferred charity. At the end of the month, the winner receives 20% of the profit from that month.


Bargain hunting and contributing to a good deed at the same time – sounds like a plan to me.


What’s more, you can even download an app for Chrome and Firebox to help make sure you don’t miss out on any more great deals. Don’t worry though, it wont get in the way. When you visit a site where you could make a saving, you get a little alert that lets you know to use a code.

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