Simple ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish

Simple ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish – let’s take  look. 

When it comes to a family home we often have a conflict of interest. A family home has to be practical and work for everyone within so we can lead our best most fun lives. But we all want our homes took good too don’t we? Style and function and marrying the two together is not always an easy thing to do.


Simple ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish

Here are 3 areas of your home its really helpful to consider  if you want your home to be family-friendly and stylish.


ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish



We all want our kids to play sport and be healthy, socialise and create. I just love mine to be running in and out grabbing tennis rackets and trainers as they go BUT no one wants a trail of kids stuff all over their home. The cluttered look does not make anyone fell relaxed or happy in their home either.  Good storage and a place for everything is absolutely key to keeping a home family-friendly. Shoe boxes, a cupboard for sports stuff, a place to hang school bags, boxes to contain craft  bits and bobs – all really help. Making sure everyone uses this storage- now that is another thing!



Wall Art – ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish

Family photos make the best wall art.

Having family photos around is a truly lovely thing in a family home but in order to make these not look all hodgepodge, you might want to consider how they are displayed. Bundling photos that are all black and white together or those in similar frames will always look good. Resign any rubbish but loved photos to your photo album or bedrooms and only display the very best. Change thee up regularly to keep your home full of happy, recent memories and beautiful things to look at.


make a home family-friendly and stylish



Kids make a mess, drop things, push furniture around and more. Your flooring needs to be robust and resilient – floor tiles are a great option.

You may think floor tiles will be a bit cold and unfriendly but this is not always the case. The Quick-Step Ambient Click is warm underfoot and a really comfortable floor tile.


make a home family-friendly and stylish, vinyl floor tiles

Images from Stories flooring UK


Vinyl tile flooring can be a brilliant addition to a family home.  The Quick-Step Livyn Ambient Click featured above can withstand any amount of stress and doesn’t crack. It is also waterproof and soft underfoot – so would work well in wet room kitchen or in lounges.

So many simple ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish

So I hope these thoughts on ways to make a home family-friendly and stylish prove useful to you – if you have any to add then please do drop me a comment below.


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    To share such a good post, we have very good information about how with the simple ways helps us to our family to make our home family-friendly, according to our family, which can provide a flexible and a peaceful atmosphere to our family.

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