What is the best way to get to the airport?

What is the best way to get to the airport?

It’s not something most of us even really think about when planning a holiday is it, not until the last minute, but really it can be a right palava.

Oh, I have tried all the options in my time.

The bus

I have caught the bus to the airport.

Just once.

What a huge effort getting the bus to the airport was. Firstly, I had to get me and my suitcase to the bus-stop for the airport bus, for which I had to ask a friend to drop me off.  Then the bus was a bit late and I had to stand around with my bags in the rain. Once on the actual bus I had to sit next to someone who had HUGE amounts of hand luggage and squished me. The bus stopped a lot and took ages. Once at the airport the bus parked nowhere near any trolleys. Coming back took ages too and was a repeat of getting there. Not an experience I will be repeating again.


A lift from a friend

Well if your friend is uber reliable and has cleared out their entire boot for you and yours to store your luggage then a lift can be a great thing. But you can’t really harass them if they are late, can you? And you would have to be going to a local airport at a reasonable time or it really is too big an ask.  Plus they might get completely lost and have no clue where to park, which can be a right problem in a big airport.

Park and ride

Last year we went to Portugal, from Luton, at silly o’clock in the morning. We  decided it would be easiest on the kids to drive down there, park the car for the week and make a short trip by the transfer bus to the airport. Oh my. It was not as easy as we imagined, for a start it was about 20 minutes on the transfer bus and utter chaos. Finding the place in the first instance was really tricky and again no blooming trolleys! The transfer bus on the way back took ages to come too and my OH didn’t feel like driving after a long flight.

It was not one of our better decisions. It left us all exhausted.

Airport taxi transfer service

My number one choice for so many reasons:

  1. The taxi will be big enough for all your luggage
  2. The taxi driver will know exactly where to park and how to get there
  3. You should arrive rested and unstressed.

Capital Cars Scotland is a taxi & airport transfer service offering 24 hour and a mobile booking app. So convenient and exactly the kind of service that I would choose as my preferred way to get the airport. You can choose your car size, alter times in relation to plane delays and you can even book online or through an app. So handy (and the kids can sleep all the way there and back if they need to!)


How do you get to the airport?



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