What is the difference between modern and contemporary décor?

Today – What is the difference between modern and contemporary décor?


Following on from my home makeover features, today’s guest post looks at style in the home….

What is the difference between modern and contemporary décor?

Possibly one of the most frequently asked questions to behold in the fashion world and interestingly, one of the few subjects that not a lot of people know about, is the difference between contemporary and modern décor.

Quite understandably many people don’t actually realise that the two are separate entities, though there is however, a slight yet defining difference between the two worlds.

What is modern décor?

Modern décor as we know it, contrary to popular opinion, is a style that is heavily influenced from the 20th century, particularly from the 1920’s leading through to the 1950’s.

One of the cornerstones of modern décor is of course space, cleanliness and open air. To reflect this, cream, delicate and light colours can often be found on the walls, usually supported by dark furniture and glass tables.

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What is the difference between modern and contemporary décor?

Where will modern décor suit?

If you plan on living in a lovely country cottage or even in a mansion, then modern décor probably won’t suit you or the house. If however, you live in the city, own a penthouse or any other type of flat for that matter, then modern décor will be right up your street.

More importantly however, if you’re young, excited and love the thought of a culturally rich home, then there is probably no other style to suit your needs.

So what is contemporary décor?

Contemporary décor, as the name would suggest, is a style which is currently trending at the time of the decoration. The reason that so many people get confused between it and modern is the fact that contemporary décor often sources much of its influence between a variety of styles including postmodernism and more essentially, modernism.

As you can imagine, therefore, contemporary design yields a wide range of styles within its category. Often stark, contemporary design, just like modern, prefers to steer away from heavy and cold interiors.

Unlike modern décor however, which enjoys pale colours, contemporary interiors often make use of a wide range of colours from every part of the visible spectrum.

This is great if you’re looking to experiment in your home, though caution must be taken against extreme forms of experimentation as planning is often the key for any form of interior revamp.

What kind of home will suit contemporary décor?

Much like modern décor, contemporary is often enjoyed in young, fashionable homes which are often situated within the city limits. Space is often the ideal key to contemporary décor as it allows you not only to experiment but help you get a sure sense of just what you can do with your home.

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