What to do with the kids during summer

Today – What to do with the kids during summer

The long summer holidays can drag for both children and adults alike, with the former having too much time, and the latter not having enough. One solution that benefits both parties is the summer camp, which provides parents with breathing space and children with an ideal combination of endless activities – and numerous playmates to enjoy them with. 




What is summer camp

The concept of summer camp originated in the US, where children would enjoy supervised camping experiences in the woods that typically involved wholesome activities such as kayaking, hiking and campfires.

Nowadays, summer camps are incredibly diverse and specialise in teaching everything from languages to performing arts in a variety of surroundings.

Increasingly, summer camps are being offered that allow kids the chance to spend the summer abroad – far away from the inclement UK weather. Summer camps in Germany are particularly popular, providing campers with the chance to share the Germanic love of the outdoors with the opportunity to learn a new language.





Helping children grow

Summer camps furnish children with a sense of responsibility by encouraging them to carry out activities ranging from keeping their cabins clean to helping to prepare meals. These are valuable life skills that even some adults fail to master.

While the camps foster a sense of independence in a child, they also teach them about communal living. Values such as trust, inter-dependence and altruism are all part of camp life, and the child quickly learns how to work as part of a group.

Those who experience a summer camp abroad widen their cultural horizons and become better world citizens. This stands them in good stead for later life, whether it’s applying for higher education or landing them their first job. 

Those that attend a language-based summer camp are particularly well-placed for entering into the increasingly globalised workforce.


Benefits for adults

Taking extended periods of time off work during the summer can play havoc with the household finances. Similarly, arranging childcare can be both costly and trying. Summer camps, though seemingly relatively expensive, enable parents to continue working.

When the child arrives back after the summer, they are typically better adjusted and ready to join in with the day-to-day the activities of the household. When they start back at school they are primed for learning and armed with a wealth of stories with which to impress their peers

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