What you MUST consider when buying a house

We are thinking of moving.

To be honest we have been for a while. My daughter is 8 and her bedroom is so tiny it literally just fits her bed and a desk. She needs to be able to have some space to play and a chest of drawers at the very least.

I have only ever bought 2 houses though in my life and I want our next home to be our forever home (or for the very least our home whilst the kids live with us.)  This means I need to choose wisely.

consider when buying a house

I have just read a great article on 12 house buying considerations and it is has really made me think.

One of the considerations that stood out for me was considering the time of year. Apparently May…

is a good time to look around as the leaves are not on the trees and you can know what’s at the bottom of the garden.

I would never have thought of that!

The article includes a really handy checklist so you can clarify what it you want and need from your new home.

Clarity is so important. It is easy to get swayed by one fabulous feature and forget what else you are after. I recall looking at a house that had a walk in wardrobe. I nearly persuaded my husband we should buy it on the strength of that, despite it being a really small property entirely unsuited to us. A checklist is a very good idea.

The other tip I particularly liked from the article was to query how much the house will cost to run. As someone who bought a house with a boiler that packed up within a year I cannot state enough how much I would recommend checking out the boiler! Looking at insulation, solar panels even asking about recent bills is well worth doing.

Buying a house is a huge commitment and a massive expensive and it affects your life is almost every way.

Do really think before you buy. You need to consider if you have everything right for you; location, repayment levels, local schools, room for an expanding family, etc. It is not a time for impulsive buying..walk in wardrobe or not!

In conclusion my short answer to what you must consider when buying a house is …everything!




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  1. August 24, 2015 / 14:28

    These are some very useful tips! Me and my husband are first time house buyers and we are really nervous and excited about doing such a big step in our lives! This is why I want us to consider everything and make the right choice! Moving to a new place is really a very important event in my life and I want everything to be perfect! Thanks for sharing the article and your lovely tips!

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