When is the Best Time to Invest in a New Car and Save Money?

For most people, purchasing a new vehicle is a huge investment to make. After all, some require car loans just to see the transaction through, and often these type of deals come with higher risks for the buyer. It’s a struggle, and the idea of waltzing into a car dealership and cruising out with the perfect motor is little more than a dream for many seeking a new car.

Therefore, timing becomes key when taking the plunge here. Done properly, using suppliers such as Peter Vardy, the process of buying a new car may save you money in the long run too.

Consequently, it’s worth posing the question; when is the best tie to invest in a new car and save money?


When is the Best Time to Invest in a New Car



Desperate Dealers

When sales slump, dealers get desperate. These kinds of periods typically fall on the months of February and August, post festive and summer holidays where everyone has spent all they can. If you do some saving while everyone else is out splashing their cash on a good time, these quieter periods can certainly be a great time to clinch a bargain.

Additionally, if you can wait until the last Friday of the month, dealers will be especially eager to meet their sales forecasts at this time. This might make them more prone to haggling, making it more likely that you can whittle down any price that is on offer and thus clinch a good deal.


Black Friday

The Black Friday bargains are no secret, but many are put off utilising them. For some, the level of high stakes competition can be high in securing a new vehicle. Perhaps images of people fighting over stock come to mind. In the end, there’s a lot of pressure that comes with the Black Friday period, but if you can push through it, you’ll come out with a good deal.

Do your research online first, then approach the dealer directly. For example, Vauxhall are always proud to showcase their Black Friday deals on the web, helping you know where you stand before you part ways with a single coin. They offer up to 40% savings across all new and used stock, and all cars onsite are offered with a choice of one or more Black Friday incentives. In the end, if you’re quick enough, you’ll secure a great deal from this car manufacturer.


Seasonal Appeal

Certain cars are designed and built for specific weather conditions. When winter rolls around, you might witness a boom in range rover purchases or other off-road, four-wheel-drive vehicle types. This is so that people can navigate the roads with strong, sturdy tyres and robust bodywork, with the car thwarting the challenges that the seasonal weather changes bring.

However, when demand is high prices can go up, netting dealers more profit. Therefore, if you try and purchase a wintery vehicle during the summer months, chances are you’ll be in for another bargain. This is because fewer people will be buying them, but they’ll still be sitting on the lot taking up the dealer’s space for stock. Aim for an unconventional kind of time for the car you want, and you shouldn’t be disappointed.



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