When kids grow out of parks.

There is a dawning realisation in my head that my son is getting older. That sounds so silly of course he is getting older . What I mean is his childhood younger childhood days are starting to be left behind. He can make his own breakfast, independently asks Grandma how she has been and no longer gets excited about going to the park.

The first 2 make me proud and the last one makes me sad. my daughter age 6 still loves a good swing and slide but if there’s no-one playing footie after about 10 mins my son get s a bit fed up. When he does use the park the monkey bars or the climbing equipment I worry about him knocking the smaller kids. Yes he has outgrown them.

Ah. Parks are free play resources and they are everywhere. A thrifty families best friend.

However I am a mum with  a plan. The fresh air is good for him and I am a big believer in daylight so I have purhcased a few bits and bobs to keep him keen on the gret putdoors (and so we can still go to the park as a family) I have bought a kite which has proved a huge hit and has given him loads of pleasure.)  We also bought a hard hat and knee pads as he can take his scooter to the skate ramps at one of out local parks and start learning a few jumps and tricks.

He quite fancies an electric scooter like these at Skatehut scooter store and I have to say I do quite fancy one myself. (that’s not going to shift the weight though)

Razor E100 Electric Scooter Red

We have also been encouraging him to find out more about bugs and trees so he has these handy little spotter guides and his great grandad’s old magnifying glass to take out with him. Sometimes when we go he just climbs a tree and sits and thinks (or doesn’t) either way time space, fresh air and peace are always a good thing.

I miss pushing him on the swing though.




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