10 Big Reasons Why You’re Always Hungry

Today – do you know the reasons why you’re always hungry – let’s take a look. 

reasons why you're always hungry


10 reasons why you’re always hungry

Feel your weight growing day by day? Or simply cannot feel a fulfilled stomach? Here are 10 reasons why you might be overeating.


1.    Excess of stress:

Increased stress causes increased appetite. More stress leads to excessive production of cortisol, a hormone known to promote hunger and food cravings. That is why you might find yourself always hungry if you are stressed. A study shows that 59 women who were exposed to stress consumed more calories and sweet foods than women not exposed to stress.

Another study was conducted for comparison of the eating habits of young girls with a sample size of 350. Girls with higher stress levels were more likely to overeat and had a higher intake of junk food like chips and cookies.

reasons you are always hungry

reasons why you’re always hungry


2.    Reasons why you’re always hungry – Are you drinking your calories?

The two kinds of food; liquids and solids both affect a person’s appetite differently. As a replacement for solid meals, if you consume calories in liquid form such as smoothies, shakes and soups, you are more often hungrier than you would be if you consumed solid foods. The reason behind it is so obvious that liquids pass through your stomach more quickly than solids

It takes less time to eat liquid foods than the solid ones, and your brain doesn’t get enough time to process signals of fullness. This, in turn, leads you to crave and eat more.

A study was conducted to compare the hunger rates among two groups of people. One of which consumed solid and the other took liquid snacks. Less fullness and more hunger feels were reported in liquid snack group. Also, there was an excess consumption of 400 more calories throughout the day than the former group. A wise approach to prevent frequent hunger pangs is to include more whole, solid foods into your diet.


reasons why you're always hungry

reasons why you’re always hungry


3.   Reasons why you’re always hungry – Mindless eating

Busy lifestyle causes you to eat while you are distracted. Distracted eating might save time but is detrimental to health. You don’t realize it, but it brings an increased appetite, intake of calories and weight gain.

Naturally, y ou are less aware of how much you’re actually eating while you are distracted and is the core reason for your increased eating. Your distracted state averts you from identifying your body’s fullness signals as efficiently as when you’re not distracted.

A smaller study comprising of 88 women was conducted in which they were asked to eat either while distracted or sitting in silence. Women with distracted eating were less full and had a significant craving to eat more throughout the day, compared to silent ones.

Try making out proper time for your meals because it helps you better recognize your body’s fullness signals and prevent frequent hunger.



4.    A fibre-less diet is one of the reasons why you’re always hungry

According to experts at Click Pharmacy, fibre rich diet is essential for so many reasons as fibre deficient diet causes frequent hunger along with other problems. So make sure to consume lots of high-fibre foods as it is beneficial for keeping hunger under control. Also, as it takes longer to digest fibre, it slows down your stomach emptying speed.

The other two hunger- control related benefits of high fibre intake are stimulation of release of appetite-reducing hormones and the production of short-chain fatty acids, which are known for fullness-promoting effects.

You should be aware of the fact there are different types of fibres, some of which are better than others at keeping you full and inhibiting hunger. Several studies have found soluble fibre (oatmeal, flaxseeds, and sweet potatoes) more filling than insoluble fibre.



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5.    10 reasons why you’re always hungry – Could it be not enough water intake?

Proper hydration means proper health. Water has the attribute of being somewhat filling. Water, when consumed before meals, has the potential to decrease hunger. Consumption of almost 600 hundred lesser calories was observed in a study of 14 people who drank two cups of water before a meal.

It is normal to sometimes cloud feelings of thirst with feelings of hunger. If you are always hungry, it is better to confirm by drinking a glass or two of water to find out if you are just thirsty. Simply drink water whenever you feel thirsty to ensure proper hydration. Eat sufficient water-rich foods like fruits and vegetables.


reasons why you're always hungry


6.    A low-fat diet

Fat significantly keeps you full. Like fibres, fats also have slow gastrointestinal transit time. It takes longer to digest fats, and it stays in the digestive tract for a more extended period. It stimulates fullness-hormones.

A study of 270 obese adults concluded that those following low-fat diet had significant increases in cravings for carbs with a preference for high-sugar foods.

You can increase your fat intake by incorporating healthy high fat in your diet in the right amounts. Two fats known for appetite reduction are medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs)(Coconut oil)  and omega-3 fatty acid (Salmon and Walnuts).

7.   Reasons why you’re always hungry? too many refined carbs

Refined carbs are defined as carbohydrates that have been processed and stripped of their fibre, vitamins and minerals. White flour is a refined carb. It is found in grain-based foods (bread and pasta) and processed sugar foods (soda and baked goods).

We have established by now that fibre lacking food is digested quickly and is not filling. Refined carbs (lack fibre) causes hunger.

Excessive intake of refined carbs can lead to rapid spikes in your blood sugar and insulin is produced, which lowers blood sugar levels and signal your body to want more food.


reasons why you’re always hungry


8.    Reasons why you’re always hungry -not eating enough protein

Diet with an adequate amount of all the nutrients is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Adding a proper proportion of protein in every meal will help you feel full longer. Eggs, lean meat, dairy and pulses are some protein sources. Adults should aim for 50-60 grams protein intake daily.


reasons why you're always hungry


9.    Drinking too much alcohol

Alcohol dehydrates you and switches the brain into starvation mode. It disturbs the hypothalamus and thus increases appetite. Halt the “drunchies” and drink a glass of water for every drink of alcohol you swig.


10.    Eating too fast – more reasons why you’re always hungry

Fun Fact?  Your stomach takes 20 minutes to tell your brain you’re full, so make sure you eat your meal slowly. If you eat fast, you may feel hungry even after finishing your meal.


reasons why you're always hungry

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