10 speedy spring cleaning tips

Speedy spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning! I’ve started mine already!

Homeserve have put together a cute video on their Spring Cleaning tips and  I urge you to go and have a look .


Meanwhile I thought I would share a few tips f my own taking a thrifty and speedy spring cleaning approach.

  1. Open all your windows on a bright and fresh day and leave them open as long as you can
  2. In order to have a speedy clean put on some lively music a 20 minute egg timer per room and blitz on room at a time! Lots of elbow grease!
  3.  Give your bin and fridge a little air freshener of their own
  4. Keep bins empty daily to avoid smells in warmer weather
  5. Make sure all shoes are stored in a cupboard and give those you can a wash!
  6.  Fabric spray is your friend
  7. Chuck cushion and sofa covers where possible in the wash too (check your labels)
  8. The less you have the less you have to clean so be ruthless in your de-cluttering pre spring cleaning and get anything you don’t use out the house!
  9.  Dilute a couple of  drops of your favourite essential oil ( I like lemon or rose) in water and store in a spray bottle to use as a natural air freshener
  10. Beat your rugs and hangs them over the line to get some much need air, wash wear you can

Do you have any simple and  speedy Spring cleaning tips?

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  1. April 17, 2016 / 23:13

    Love a good Spring Cleaning! Being able to open the windows and freshen up the rooms cheers up me about after a winter of rain and heating. Great tip on creating natural air freshener.

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