3 top tips to help you find brilliant bargains

Here are my 3 top tips to help you find brilliant bargains.


brilliant bargains

Speak up!

Don’t be shy.

Many of us were bought up to either not talk about money or to pretend we were better off than we were. Times have changed and if ‘s very cool these days to say you have found a great bargain so really don’t be shy about it

Let people know you are a bargain hunter because if they don’t they might be a bit shy about sharing their bargains with you. I have found out over the years that there are many quiet bargain hunters around. Once you let them know that you are watching the pennies and love a bargain too then they will often be more than happy to speak up to share their great finds and thrifty tips with you.

Keep informed

Just randomly hoping you will stumble upon a bargain or that might hear about one from Facebook is all a bit half hearted. You need to keep informed by actively engaging in bargain hunting. A brilliant place to start  is the brilliant website Bargain Buys for Busy Mums It is regularly updated and packed full of bargains, divided by category or by retailer, so you can easily search for some great savings.

Make it a habit

Bargain hunting does not have to take long, or be a complicated process you simply need to make it a habit. Checking regularly for bargains and looking up your desired retailers or category’s for bargains before you purchase. Dipping into the Bargain buys for busy mums facebook community over your morning coffee is a good habit to establish. It is a group for  group for offers, voucher codes, discounted products and company glitches. Fantastic.

Developing a shopping habit can be problematic ..developing a bargain hunting habit is a GOOD thing!


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