How to Manage the Stress of Moving House

Today – How to manage the stress of moving house.

Last time I moved house I swore it would be the last.

Everything went a bit wrong!



How to manage the stress of moving house

We had spent all our money on affording our new home and so had done the actual move as cheaply as possible. We packed ourselves rather than having the removal company do it and we didn’t have enough boxes and had not left ourselves enough time.  We ended up shoving things in bin liners at the last-minute, things got broken, mixed up and oh it was a mess.

When we got to the new house my husband decided that as we were paying the removal company hourly we should let them go whilst we waited for the keys to be released (we hadn’t organised it very clearly.)  I protested that I thought it might rain and having the removal people empty our possessions onto the lawn might be silly. Did he listen?


Did it rain

Of course, it did! Sigh. Everything we owned got rained on. I was just SO fed up. Then when we finally got the keys and we had to carry everything in and upstairs ourselves. It was not a happy house move.

How to Manage the Stress of Moving House – I wish I had known back then!



We should totally have opted for Norwich man and vans and not let them go befre we had moved in fully!


What did we learn from this?

We were so stressed and we really should have asked more people to help us, it would have taken less time and reduced the tension

We should have saved up to get the move done properly, not ”on the cheap.’

We should have been properly packed with boxes clearly labelled in plenty of time.

We should have arranged to collect the keys at a defined time

We should have covered our possessions during or prior to the move – our mattress ended up ruined as the removal men caught it on a door and the springs went through and an expensive vase broke. I do so wish we had got appropriate insurance beforehand. It would have made such a difference this was not a time we needed to be replacing an expensive mattress. Definitely sort this out in advance!

Oh hindsight is a wonderful thing I hope you can benefit from mine rather than having to go thorough moving house stress yourself!


How to Manage the Stress of Moving House


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