6 services you may have never expected dentists to offer


Let’s take a look at services you may have never expected dentists to offer.


 services you may have never expected dentists to offer


Services you may have never expected dentists to offer

When it comes to dentists, your first thought is typically that they look after teeth. However, it wouldn’t be uncommon to think their services are limited to common procedures such as fillings, orthodontic treatments or tooth extractions.

Dental hygienists treat more than just teeth, with their services ranging from preventative treatments to cosmetic treatments and even expanding to therapeutic services.


Air abrasion

For anyone who fears going to the dentist, air abrasion can be seen as a preferable and usually pain-free alternative to the use of a drill for certain treatments. Air abrasion is often described as a mini-sandblaster and involves using very fine non-toxic powder of aluminium-oxide to spray away tooth decay.

Air abrasion can used for smaller cavity treatments, stain removal and restoration of composites or porcelain veneers and holds many advantages. For a start, it produces no heat, pressure or general discomfort. It also reduces the need for anaesthesia.


Oral cancer screening                         

In the UK, it has been found that rates of oral cancer have increased by 68% over the past 20 years. For anyone concerned that they may have symptoms related to oral cancer, oral cancer screening is offered by certain dentists.

Symptoms can include pale white patches on the mouth, wounds in the mouth that won’t bleed as well as lumps in the mouth, throat or neck. Screening involves physical examination of the full mouth, and if cancer is suspected then further testing is necessary.

Periodontal therapy

Most adults experience gum disease at least once, so if you suffer with or are worried about gum disease, periodontal therapy is the service for you. Treatment can be non-surgical, but for more severe cases surgical treatment may be required further down the line.

This treatment involves scaling and root planning to tackle gum disease and restore health to the gums. Though periodontal therapy does cost, it is still cheaper than treating and combating tooth loss.

Dermal filling

While some more advanced tooth hygiene services as previously mentioned may be unexpected, far more surprising is dermal filling services offered by dentists.

Dermal fillers are used to treat cosmetic concerns such as fine lines, scars and wrinkles on the face. However, if you’re looking for dermal filling in London, dentists in Balham could have the answers for you. Surgeries like Ten Dental offer non-surgical face treatments for anyone looking to enhance their natural beauty.

Lip fillers

Like dermal filling, lip fillers are growing in demand which has led to these kinds of services being offered by dentists. Treatments such as lip fillers can plump your smile, enhancing your teeth.

Though it might seem unexpected, lip fillers go hand-in-hand with cosmetic dentistry. They can add the finishing touch to a smile transformation.


For anyone longing for perfectly straight teeth, braces need not be the only answer anymore. Following consultation, your dentist might recommend Invisalign to help you achieve your perfect smile.

Invisalign is a popular alternative to braces due the discretion and comfort of wearing aligners. So, if crooked teeth are a concern of yours just know other unexpected treatments are on offer!


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