7 hacks to make your space look bigger

Hacks to make your space look bigger

hacks to make your space look bigger


Hacks to make your space look bigger

Are you on the hunt for hacks to make your space look bigger? Maybe you like the more minimalist look, maybe light and airy is your preferred design style..or maybe you just feel calmer when you appear to have more space? All 3 of these are true for me. I love a home to appear spacious and as big as it possibly can do.. We just have so much stuff though!  Aaggh!

You do not have to live in a huge home in order to have one that looks spacious and uncluttered. You also do not need to spend every minute finding out what sparks joy in you as you endless declutter to give your home a more roomy feel.

Simple hacks can really make your space look bigger and none of them are uber expensive or involve moving house!


Small Rugs

Small rugs can break up a large room into several different and distinct areas to make it look bigger but do go easy on the use of pattern and colour or it could look fussy as well as cluttered.  I am aware this hacks gives an illusion of space ut really that is what we are after here. It is far simpler than building an extension!


Use light colours – hacks to make your space look bigger

Using light colours on walls and floors will really open up a room. Dark colours may be on trend and look super stylish but they achieve a cosy look rather than a spacious one. And small houses look cosy enough already!


Don’t dress your windows

Apart from a simple white blind I never dress my windows. I think it always looks cluttered and really you want to encourage as much light to come on in to a room as possible,


Hacks to make your space look bigger? Buy furniture that also acts as a decoration

If your furniture is beautiful you will find that the last thing you will want to do is put clutter upon it and spoil the effect.


This mirrored bedside table form Furniturebox exemplifies this- its highly decorative and practical you absoultely won’t want to clutter it.


It’s all about legs! when it comes to hacks to make your space look bigger

Yep sofas legs make your room look spacious.bizarre as it may sound it is true! So do sofa shop with this in mind.



Do try and experiment with mirrors especially in gloomy corners and your space may well seem much brighter and bigger as a result. Mirrors, especially large and simple ones can create the impression of space and add a lot of light into an area too.


Hacks to make your space look bigger? Put stuff away

Oh my goodness this is one completely free hack that makes your home look instantly tidy and spacious especially in a kitchen  Apart from a kettle surafaces really can be clear and woah! this emptiness makes an impact.


Pin hacks to make your space look bigger for later



Over to you

So now it is over to you. I do hope have found these hacks helpful. They are simple and achievable and really effective. Do you have any of your own to add? If you do drop me a comment. I always love to hear from you and hear your fabulous ideas on hacks to make your space look bigger you might also like my post on 10 ways to maximise space in a small home


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