7 Health Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

Let’s take a look at the Health Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

When it comes to choosing healthy food, you can never go wrong with a healthy glass of smoothie.

Health Benefits of Drinking Smoothies


Health Benefits of Drinking Smoothies

Frequently enjoyed in the mornings, before or after a workout, these drinks provide the best essential nutrients for our body.

But be wary, not all smoothies are created equal. I’m talking about those pre-packed smoothies you can buy from the supermarket. Aside from being mixed with chemically altered ingredients, these smoothies are often ineffective as a health or diet food, sold by companies with the help of junk science and clever marketing.

The best kind of smoothies are those made from real, natural, ingredients where you can get loads of vitamins and minerals. And the good news is, they can easily be made at home in a smoothie maker or high speed blender.

In this article, I’m going to list some of the best health benefits you can get from drinking smoothies.


  1. Complete Nutrition in a Glass

Drinking smoothies are a wonderful way to nourish your body with its needed nutrients. Unlike drinking fruit or vegetable juice, where only the juice is extracted, smoothies make use of the whole fruit/vegetables (including the pulp).

They’re generally a blend of whole foods, which means you’ll get all the nutrients, including fiber. Most smoothies also contain yogurt or milk that gives your body its required calcium. If you want protein, you can simply add protein powder or some Greek yogurt. If you want healthy fats, you can toss in almond butter, or chia seeds. They are a quicker and more convenient way to get all your nutrients without the chewing. Plus, it’s a lot of fun trying new smoothie combinations!


  1. More Energy for the Day

Smoothies are a great source of energy. Since natural food is easier absorbed by the digestive system, it leaves more energy for your body to take part in daily activities. Smoothies also contain natural sugars which helps to retain your energy and focus when you’re working out, or starting a stressful day at work. Be careful not to use too much though, as it can easily turn into a high calorie drink. As much as possible, avoid using sweetened yogurt, juice or putting ice cream into your smoothies. Smoothies are a great substitute for your empty calorie drinks or junk snacks.


  1. Meal Replacement

When trying to lose weight, smoothies can be used as a meal replacement. Instead of having the usual bread or eggs, you can use a dairy based smoothie as a replacement for breakfast. Smoothies are an easy way to eat five or more servings of fruits or vegetables every day. They provide pure nutrients to your cells making you feel fuller for longer.

For a low calorie meal, you can increase your vegetable, fruit, and fibre intake. Remember, that smoothies should be a replacement, not an addition. Although smoothies work well with most diets, if you’re going to add smoothies to your meals, you should learn how to maintain portion control.


  1. Good for Your Bones

Gulping a green smoothie can give you loads of bone building nutrients including magnesium, phosphorous, and calcium. Thanks to dark leafy vegs and calcium in these wonder drinks, you can stay in good shape and posture even during your senior years.


  1. Boost Your Immune System

Filled with vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables, smoothies help boost your immune system so that you reduce your chances of catching a cold or the dreaded flu. Drinking a smoothie everyday can make your immune system more responsive to help fight off viruses and other diseases. It also contains lots of fiber which helps your body easily eliminate waste materials and toxins.


  1. Reduces Cholesterol

Replacing a high cholesterol meal with a smoothie can help you cut back on the cholesterol in your diet. Since many fruits also have cholesterol reducing properties, you can also enjoy your favourite meal from time to time without having to worry about your health. It is known that a person suffering from high cholesterol are at higher risk of heart disease.


  1. Helps You Look Younger

Forget pills and anti-ageing creams, all you need is a fresh glass of smoothie to retain your youthful glow! Fruits and vegetables boast the best anti-aging nutrients which you can get from drinking a smoothie. It’s a safe and natural way to fight the signs of aging. Look for ingredients high in vitamin E, C, Beta-Carotene and Omega-3.


Include the following ingredients to help make your skin look younger;




Sunflower Seeds

Chia Seeds





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