A list of things that used to cost a fortune ….but no longer do !

Everyone moans about rising house prices, rising food costs and the continued hike in petrol prices. But I decided to flip it and look at more positive price changes. Ones where the costs went down.

It s good news when things that used to cost lots no longer do,  but it’s rare I know.

I have been racking my brains to think of things that used to be super expensive that are now quite ordinary prices. Can you think of any ?

My first thought was of the very first boom box (do they still call them that?) that I ever had. It had a CD player and a tape player and a radio. It cost an absolute fortune. Nowadays you can pick them up for the supermarket for less than £25. I remember being one of the only girls in my class to have one. I did feel special!

CD’s cost a fortune too!

Next I thought of glasses. I’d worn national health glasses since I was 3. At the ripe old (very important) age of 16 and after lots of scrimping and saving from my mum and me I got contact lenses. I was so happy, they were probably my most treasured possession from then on.

My fourth  thought (and tell me please if this is imaginary) is of Cornettos, They were always really lots dearer then other ice creams and we were only ever allowed to have them as a VERY SPECIAL TREAT.

Next I  thought of the rather obvious mobile phones and computers, they used to cost SO MUCH!  Nowadays even 10 year olds seem to have these and not think it a big deal!

And  am I alone in only being  allowed a bath once a week because it cost too much to heat the water tank?

I still think of bath time as a treat!

Last but by no means least are foreign holidays. It was a very big deal to go abroad when I was a kid. Now it can cost just as much to go to a UK holiday camp. More and more families seem to go abroad and are quite blase about it.

How times change.

But it’s good new really isn’t it – all these things are great. Though kids might not agree with the more regular baths !



  1. Steph Love All Blogs / imcountingufoz
    October 4, 2012 / 20:14

    I think clothes have come down a lot in price, now people buy things to last only one season. My wardrobe has definitely got a lot bigger with the rise of fast fashion!

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