Does your family need a second car?

Does your family need a second car?

Two-car families are commonplace in the UK – but having two cars is extremely expensive.

The cost of owning one car – let alone two – is high enough before you start doubling it and maybe even trebling it if you’ve got a teenager with their own set of wheels.

Insurance, tax, petrol, MOTs and garage bills – the list of car-related expenses goes on and on.

So do families really need a second car? And what’s the quickest way to sell a car if you want to trim down your outgoings? Read on for more…

Learning to cope with one car

Downsizing from two cars to one will involve a lifestyle change that could end up saving you hundreds and possibly even thousands of pounds every year. However, it’ll take time to get used to it and will require you to be more organised. Perhaps you can lift share to work with colleagues, use public transport more or cut out unnecessary journeys.


Offloading your second car

Once you’ve made the decision to get rid of your second car, you’ll want to sell it quickly. Selling a car, though, can take a while if you opt for more tradition methods of getting rid of it like putting an advert in a newspaper or posting an online advert. This is where sites like We Will Buy Your Car can prove very useful in getting a quick sale. Sell car online with and the funds can be in your bank account instantly. Plus, they’ll come and pick your car up for free.

The benefits of cashing in your second car

There are many benefits if you change from two cars to one. The most obvious benefit is cost. Imagine having a cash influx of a hundred pounds or more each month! What a difference it could make to your family budget both in the short and long term. The environment benefit should also not be underestimated s you reduce your carbon footprint.



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