Best bed frame: 5 beautiful and affordable bed frames

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing the right bed frame and how you could benefit from it? Many people haven’t, but a well-picked bed frame brings improvements in your sleep and we will explain exactly how. 

To help you make this decision, we have given you 5 different options for the best bed frame!


Best bed frame


Benefits of a good bed frame

It doesn’t seem a choice as important as the right mattress, or high-quality blanket and pillows, but a well-picked bed frame has many benefits!

A bed frame elevates your sleep position, therefore making getting in and out of bed easier. An inadequate bed frame directly shortens the lifespan of your mattress, causing sagging spots or lopsidedness. If you have a poorly produced bed frame, it could cause looseness and wobbling during the night, which can disturb light sleepers. 

Let’s be real, the bed frame is the first thing someone spots once they glance at your bed, or even your entire room. Let’s explore the different bed frames that could complete your style of the bedroom! We found some of the best offers in terms of price and looks on Crafted Beds

Traditional bed frame

If we begin with the basics, a traditional bed frame is one that consists of a foot, head, and side rails which reinforce the mattress from all sides. 

It has a rectangular shape of the support system, and it is usually composed of wood or metal. The feet have wheels or glides that help easily move the bed. 

Storage bed frame

For those of us looking for affordability and having to make the best of limited space, a storage bed frame is the right fit. This type of bed frame comes with drawers and compartments at the base, so that you can have all that needed storage space for pillows, blankets, sheets, etc. 

Upholstered bed frame

Upholstered bed frames are increasing in popularity, and they include both luxury and comfort. They are covered in materials such as linen, velvet, faux leather, or different types of soft fabric. 

They come in many different sizes and the most suitable one for you can be found by clicking here.

Platform bed frame

A platform bed frame comes with a box spring, which ensures mattress support since it brings a flat and firm surface for it. It is extremely stylish, and the added height minimizes the physical exertion required to get in and out of it.

Adjustable bed frame

An adjustable bed frame brings just that – an adjustable base for a compatible bed. This is especially useful for those of us who spend a lot of time sitting up in bed. 

They allow you to adjust the foot or head of the bed for more support in comparison to sitting on a regular mattress. This adjustment can be done wirelessly or with a wired system. 

In final words

In a world of millions of different choices when it comes to beds, everything matters. Often overlooked, but crucial for longevity, the bed frame brings many benefits. The most affordable option doesn’t have to indicate a downcrease in style or luxury. 


Make sure to pick one that will bring the most effect to the quality of your sleep, while staying on budget! 



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