Budget Holidays by the Sea

Today – Budget Holidays by the Seabudget holidays by the sea

Budget Holidays by the Sea

I love holidays and I am a really big believer in their beneficial value. For example its a break in routine isn’t it, a change of scene, a time away from our possessions that will hopefully make us appreciate them more and need them less. Holidays give you fresh air and a rest, more time outdoors and often more time in nature. Holidays encourage families to spend more time together too. yes I am a firm believer in holidays.

Investing in your holidays

I am a believer in saving up for holidays and investing in your holidays.I have always fancied a beach chalet but they got trendy and are expensive now! I insisted when the kids were young that we should buy a tent. I thought it was a great investment I could see years of cheap as chips holidays ahead of us all around the coast of the Uk in one of the many camp sites.  We often got the greatest camping book and spent hours looking through it dreaming up where to go.

Budget Holidays by the Sea

I have since discovered now  it s a bit too rustic for me and my rather battered shoulder (old injury) for any more than a night or two. I like to have a little kitchen and water and a toilet too if I go away for more than that. It is much easier with the kids.

Caravanning – Budget Holidays by the Sea

We have had some terrific caravan holidays in Lincolnshire and Norfolk on holiday camps and caravan living has suited us just fine.  I have always left hankering after a caravan of our own. Have to say the thought of just being able to get in our car and go and have all we need with us and already set up and comfortable just seems lovely. Our drive isn’t too big though and we don’t have a garage so we would have to consider mooring it somewhere.

I am sure mooring it somewhere probably isn’t the right word but I hope you know what I mean!


We would have to take into account initial outlay of course (but I would be happy with second hand) and we would need to consider where we parked   and Caravan Insurance but I think it would work out well financially. Like having a self catering cottage you can move round the county with you!

We could have endless budget holidays by the sea! And we could always use it as a spare guest room too when family/friends come to visit.


Budget Holidays by the Sea is a collaborative post you muihgt also like my post on thinking ahead to budget holidays



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